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'Little People, Big World' Star Amy Roloff Selling Her Half Of The Family Farm?!

By Mike Walters

Amy Roloff is considering selling her half of the family farm, and details of the dramatic decision are going to play out on the next season of the family's popular reality show!

The 'Little People, Big World' star is facing the reality that she and ex-husband and co-star Matt Roloff have been divorced for over five years -- and the time has finally come to divide assets pertaining to the family farm.

As you know, the Roloff's own a massive pumpkin patch and farm in Oregon, which is often the setting for their popular TLC reality show.

So, Who Is The Buyer?! See Below...

Amy Roloff: I Always Knew He Would Want It All


"I always knew that in the end, he would want it all," Amy tells cameras, in a tease for the show released to the media.

The video includes the ex-couple's son, Zach Roloff, telling his wife "Did you hear my dad's going to buy my mom out?" Of course, she questions whether it's a good idea or not. It turns out, Amy's consideration of selling her half has to do with Matt's offer to buy out her ownership in the divorce settlement.

So, What Does She Decide?!

Is She Going To Sell Her Half?!


Well, it's unclear at this moment if Amy will agree to sell her ownership of the farm to her ex-husband. What is clear...this is going to be some really good reality television!

In the show teaser, Amy is settling down in her new home with her fiancé Chris Marek, but not everything is going perfectly with her new property. "It kind of irritates me that I go to the trouble of clearing out space and I come back and you've put stuff in it," Chris says about the new house. Adding, "You're not creating space for me."

There's More...

See The 'Little People, Big World' Trailer...Below!


In the upcoming season, Matt's new girlfriend -- Caryn Chandler -- is answering questions about her intentions when it comes to her relationship with the reality star.

"I think the saddest thing that I deal with - with Matt is that people think that I'm with him because, 'Oh, she must be a gold-digger,'" she tells Tori Roloff in the video. She continues, "And it's like, why do you have to think that?"

In the video, she accidentally calls herself "married" to Matt, and of course, his reaction is classic!

See The Video...Here.

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