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Prince Harry Skips The Queen's Birthday To Be Back In California With Meghan

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By Mario Perez

Just this past weekend many Royal Family fans had high hopes that the rift between Prince Harry and the family would be able to heal. The images taken from brothers Prince William and Harry at their grandfather's funeral made many people remember the good old days. A single Harry hanging out with his brother William and his wife Kate.

The hopes and dreams of reconciliation are beginning to fade though, with the new news coming from the UK. Just one day before his grandmother's birthday Harry made the trip back to California to reunite with Meghan and Archie.

No Sitdown With Prince Charles

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The rumors around royal circles indicate that although Prince Harry did find time to chat with his brother he did not have the warmest welcomes from his dad Prince Charles. Many UK outlets report that the father and son duo did not have a sitdown to grieve their differences.

Now many people are speculating that Prince Charles is actually looking to "ditch" his son Harry and Meghan. As part of his plans to slim down the working Royal Family when he becomes king. Pretty much the same thing that he wants to do with his brother Prince Andrew who is another royal that is more trouble than he is worth these days.

Prince Charles Will Now Be Accompanying The Queen To More Engagements

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On the day of Prince Phillip's funeral, the world got to see The Queen in perhaps her most vulnerable state ever. Due to COVID protocols, she had to sit alone at the ceremony. The pictures really depicted the actual void the loss of Prince Phillip meant for her.

In upcoming events though the Queen is not expected to arrive alone. Instead, her son Prince Charles is going to be stepping in to fill his father's role in a way. As he will go with his mother to the opening of Parlament on May 11th. The death of Phillip can certainly increase the influence of Charles in the family.

A Lonely Birthday For The Queen

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Perhaps one of the reasons why Harry decided to leave early for California was the fact that the Queen was not keen on holding a major celebration for her birthday. Still very much in mourning over the loss of Prince Phillip.

The Queen though did release a statement to commemorate her 95th birthday today. In that statement, she mentioned that although the family is going through a period of great sadness it has been a comfort to see the tributes that were paid to her late husband.

More Megxit Drama Still To Come

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Can we expect more drama between Harry and the royals for the coming months? Of course, with Meghan being heavily pregnant it's a matter of months now before she gives birth to the couple's daughter obviously. It's going to be interesting to see if any Royals make the trip to California.

As far as Meghan and Harry being back in the UK, Harry is still supposed to attend a ceremony to celebrate his mother's 60th birthday. It's unclear at this point if he'll return solo once again or if Meghan will also be joining him for that occasion.

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