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Demi Rose close up

Demi Rose's Goodnight Action Requires Strict Warning

By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose kissing Instagram goodnight at gone 2 a.m. has required a strict warning. The 26-year-old model and social media sensation, who tends not to warn fans every time the killer curves grace her 16.2 million Instagram followers, switched it up last night, posting with content that will only remain live for 24 hours and slapping on a warning. Demi, who has been showcasing her mind-blowing figure all over the 'Gram as she influences for clothing brand Pretty Little Thing, went with something unusual, here. Check it out below.

Not Her Usual Post

Demi Rose

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Demi makes designer headlines, again unusual, with a recent post seeing the star sport Dior knee boots as she promoted Pretty Little Thing, a brand she's fronted via her ambassador status since October 2020.

Posting late last night and after a day in her Ibiza, Spain home spent largely with her cats and dog Teddy, Demi updated with an almost-black screen, one seeing her ready for bed as she logged a time just after 2.30 a.m. "Gn," appeared with a moon emoji.

Parental Advisory


Keep scrolling for her snap. Rose employed a logo that's been used on plenty of album covers for explicit content. It read, in tiny letters, Parental Advisory. Rose offered no other context, although she seemed to be going cheeky. The star is, of course, still in the news for dealing with the actual passing of her parents. Demi lost both parents just seven months apart, with dad Barrie passing after mom Christine. Demi has channeled positive healing energy into her grief process.

See More Photos Below

A black screen

Demi opened up to ES in September 2020, an interview that saw her reveal that not everything is as it seems.

"I’ve been through a lot of trauma but in some ways through it I have become so much stronger, which is probably reflected on my social media and in the confident messages I post. However, behind closed doors there’s been a lot of torment," she stated. Demi is hugely into mindfulness and meditation, alongside more fun therapies, including playing the harp. More below.

Proud Of Herself

Demi Rose on beach in dress

Demi, plucky and brave, added: "Talking about losing my dad from cancer and then my mum seven months later from a stomach infection brought huge emotions to the surface but I’m so proud I managed to do it."

Career-wise, it's off the charts for the girl who joined MySpace to escape the school bullies. Demi hit 10 million Instagram followers in 2019, with October of last year seeing her celebrate reaching 15 million. She's now at 16.2. Scroll for Demi addressing implants with her bikini hanging down.

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