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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

Could Scott Disick Be Trying To Get Kourtney Kardashian Back?

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By Mario Perez

Most Kardashian marriages and flings tend to fade into obscurity sooner rather than later. Particularly when the Kardashian clan dates basketball players. Just ask Kris Humphries, if you can find him, and Lamar Odom. Tristan Thompson is still trying to break that curse for sure.

The one man that just seems to keep popping up in the Kardashian circle even years after the couple called it quits is Scott Disick. In a new episode of Keeping up With The Kardashians, Scott will potentially open up to Kourtney about his jealous feelings.

Just For Show?

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Keeping up With The Kardashians is running on its 20th season this year and even as it's potentially looking at its last season it could go out with a bang. Although many of its viewers apparently have never wanted to admit to their guilty pleasure that is sitting down and giving this show a watch.

A big part of the success of the show is certainly the fact that the Kardashian clan has a knack for drama. On the show, we are going to get to see this confrontation between Scott and Kourtney, but reports indicated that in real life they had completely moved on.

The Life Guard or Travis Barker?

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On the show, Scott makes a scene because he mentions that he doesn't feel comfortable with Kourtney openly hitting on the lifeguard in front of him. If Instagram and a bunch of news stories tell the truth the lifeguard could be the least of his worries at this point.

In the last couple of days, Travis Barker and Kourtney K have been the hot new couple in the news. Barker has been very open about the romance on social media. While also reportedly adding another tattoo to his wide collection with her name on it.

Scott's Not Just Dealing With Baby Mama Drama

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Even though they broke up for the last time to this point back in 2015 Scott and Kourtney have always remained pretty close. Sometimes too close for the liking of Scott's girlfriends through those years. While Scott is confessing his jealousy on TV he's dealing with different drama in his current relationship.

Recently photos of current girlfriend Amelia Hamlin standing next to Scott with a bruised lipped surfaced. Pretty much at the same time, her mother came out and literally said that Scott was way too old for her daughter. Which, goes to show non-Kardashian in-laws can also be toxic.

Will He Make The Move?

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At this point, it's really anyone's guess how this love triangle, square, or whatever it can be called is going to play out. With Kim and Kayne's struggles potentially also set to pour out in front of the cameras this season one thing is for sure. The producers of the show won't be short on drama.

Scott though has never been shy to admit that he values his relationship with Kourtney. It doesn't seem that he has any intentions of stepping away from the Kardashian for good any time soon!

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