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Sommer Ray close up

Sommer Ray's A Real Tongue Twister With Caribbean Curves

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray is dropping literal tongue twisters in her skimpy swimear while on vacation. The 24-year-old fitness model and social media sensation, never one to make it dull for her 26.2 million Instagram followers, today updated with a photo-heavy batch of images showing her sensational body, and it was island girl vibes as Sommer found some local seashells. The blonde is currently enjoying a 5-star beach vacation in Antigua, where she's already made headlines for destroying a KFC bucket in, well, not very much. Check it out below.

Sommer Sells Seashells

Sommer Ray in leggings

Scroll for the photos. They come as Sommer's vacay makes major cheat food headlines, with the blonde showing off her appetite for fried chicken both on IG and for her 10.5 million TikTok followers. Another day, another swimsuit. Posting on Tuesday, Sommer was snapped crouching down while in a pattern floral shirt to cover her gold swimwear, with the model also wearing green Crocs.

All grass and lush greenery, the setting took a break from sands, with Sommer seen inspecting some shells before getting witty.

See The Photos!

Sommer Ray in workout gear

Not depriving fans of the curves, Sommer made it a treat for the eyes, with a caption proving that the Colorado native isn't just a pretty face. "Sommer sells seashells by the seashore," she wrote. The post gained over 300,000 likes in just 50 minutes.

"Dude get home it’s move-in time stop gallivanting we have work to do," the top comment reads, with another telling Ray: "If you put the shell to your ear you can hear it telling you to date me."

Scroll For Her KFC!

Sommer Ray and mom selfie

Click here for the photos - scroll for Sommer wolfing down her KFC. The latter comes as Sommer makes food headlines all over again, with 2020 seeing her in the news for ordering everything off the menu at Chick-Fil-A.

Another Ray has been in the news, though. Sommer's mom, this year joining adult subscription site OnlyFans, has been featuring on her daughter's Instagram, with Sommer big-time gushing over her hot mother as the two twinned in swimwear. See it below.

Shouting Out Mom

Sommer Ray eating fried chicken

Sending mom Shannon Ray major love as the two posed outdoors, Sommer wrote:

"She’s almost 57 but embraces & loves every year. (haters will say it’s surgery and all kinds of stuff but that’s simply not true) her mindset is so inspiring. honestly could be part of the reason she looks so good for her age, (genetics don’t hurt either lol) but the mind is very powerful!"

While Sommer's sister has also joined OnlyFans, the Sommer Ray's Shop founder has yet to sign up. Scroll for Sommer celebrating her bigger chest size during "that time of the month."

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