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Kaley Cuoco Vacuums Yoga Mat As Monica From 'Friends'

By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is vacuuming her garage gym and shouting out popular culture's biggest neat freak.The 35-year-old "Big Bang Theory" alum today dropped the mother of all workouts with sister Briana Cuoco, with Instagram stories for Kaley's 6.7 million followers showing everything from rope training and balance work to the siblings busting out cardio on machines. Proving that she does everything herself, Kaley also appeared in footage showing her post-workout, and it was one giant vacuum session from the sitcom star. Check it out below.

Penny Becomes Monica

Kaley Cuoco in robe

Scroll for the video, one that will likely appeal to any "Friends" fan. Kaley, whose Penny character on "Big Bang" came with Cheetos in her hair and not much in the way of domestic skills, was here seen proving that the character was all a front. The actress, done with her workout, re-appeared in the black leggings and sports bra she'd worn to train, but her shoes were removed and she was engaging in a very different kind of cardio – seen squatting down and with a vacuum cleaner, Kaley was filmed sucking up dust from a yoga mat.

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Kaley, who was in only socks and her gym wear while in the garage gym setup inside her $12 million Hidden Hills mansion, had not enlisted the help of a lowly-paid household cleaner. The blonde was all about doing it herself, taking to her caption and writing:

"Post workout gotta keep things clean LOL." At the bottom of the screen was actress Courteney Cox's face, with Kaley adding: "Right @courteneycox." Seemingly, no need to actually name sitcom "Friends" by name.

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Kaley shares something in common with the "Friends" cast. Alongside her "BBT" co-stars, the actress made headlines in later seasons of the show for earning $1 million per episode - exactly what the "Friends" cast made history for. The actress is now enjoying immense success in thriller "The Flight Attendant," with the HBO Max series now renewed for a second season.

"When I read the book description, I got a chill down my arms. It felt like a good mix of drama and dark comedy. Plus, a complicated female character is a dream role," she told Us Weekly. More below.

'The Flight Attendant'

Kaley Cuoco outdoors in red

Kaley added: "I love making people laugh. I thought if we could find the right team and bring some levity to such a dark book that it could be kind of cool."

"The Flight Attendant," which premiered last November, sees Kaley play Cassandra Bowden, a woman whose one night stand turns into a murder mystery. The series also features 32-year-old sister Briana Cuoco, with the two last year filming in NYC after a pandemic pause. Scroll for Kaley in her $26 Amazon nightie!

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