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No Masks Required For On-Camera Oscar Attendees

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By Mario Perez

For obvious reasons this year's Oscars will be a little different than what we've been accustomed to for the last 93 years. For the first time, many of the movies that will be in contention for an Academy Award were never actually screened in theaters.

That won't be the only thing that will make this year's ceremony an eventful one. The Academy is going to try their best to make sure that the show looks as normal as can be. That's why it's not requiring attendees to wear masks.

How The Protocol Is Going To Work


Essentially the "unmasking" of the guests in attendance is going to be a bit of a false advertisement. When the cameras are rolling the 170 guests in attendance are going to be able to remove their masks and smile for the camera. Once the show goes into a commercial break guests would be required to put their masks back on.

This is because the ceremony is going to fall under the guidelines that filmmaking in the area has had to follow throughout the pandemic. The live production apparently follows different guidelines than just a regular crowd of 170 follows in any other environment.

The Red Carpet Is Also Set To Change

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When the attendees to the ceremony get asked who they happen to be wearing for the night they are going to be standing 7 feet from the reporters that are set to be covering the event.

Also, don't expect to see the typical wave of cameramen swarming to take the picture of the next star that has just arrived on the red carpet. There are going to be just 3 photographers on the scene. Reporters from ABC News, KABC, and E! will also be on the scene. Along with media personalities from just handful of international channels.

Virtual Interviews For Winners

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Of course, some of the backstage interviews are also going to suffer certain alterations. Winners are going to be interviewed backstage via Zoom by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest as well as Lara Spencer.

Although some things are certainly going to be different this year most of the things that people associate with the show will actually still have a role in the 2021 ceremony. You can still look forward to that Red Carpet Pre-show from your favorite network. Granted, there are probably going to be fewer dresses to criticize this year.

Who Takes Home The Gold Statue?

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It's hard enough to predict Oscar winners in any given year. This year the task seems to be almost impossible. For best picture, it could be said that The Trial of the Chicago 7 is coming in as one of the favorites to the night. With a cast featuring the likes of Eddie Redmayne, and Sacha Baron Cohen it could very well take the night.

Another movie that will be in the running is The Father. This movie features yet another masterful performance from Anthony Hopkins an aging man trying to cope with losing his sanity. Something Hopkins has been able to perfectly depict in movies for years. You'll have to tune in and watch to see how everything plays out.

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