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Scottie Pippen's Oldest Son Passes Away At 33

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By Mario Perez

Just hours after being reminded that the famous "The Last Dance" documentary that told the story of those Chicago Bulls teams of the '90s had been released exactly one year ago, one of the stars from those teams announced some very sad news.

Scottie Pippen took to social media to announce that his firstborn son Antron passed away yesterday at 33 years old. Antron was the son of Scottie and his first wife Karen McCollum whom he married back in 1988.

Bonding Over The Love Of Basketball

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In a heartfelt Instagram post, Scottie detailed what his relationship with his son was like. He mentioned that the two bonded over their love of basketball over the years. In Scottie's mind, his son's asthma is potentially what kept him from reaching the NBA. In the post, Scottie mentioned,

"I’m heartbroken to share that yesterday, I said goodbye to my firstborn son Antron. The two of us shared a love for basketball and we had countless conversations about the game."

A Complex Family Life

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Although Scottie was a much less vocal or even high profile celebrity in those Bulls teams. Mainly because the team included Michael Jordan who was probably the most popular athlete in the world at the time, and Dennis Rodman, arguably one of the strangest athletes ever. Scottie had a pretty hectic personal life.

Antron was the only child of his first marriage, but from there he went on to have 2 daughters from different former girlfriends. Then 4 children with his second wife whom he divorced in 2018. Antron is actually the second of Scottie's children to pass after his daughter Tyler who died 9 days after her birth in 1994.

The Cryptic Message Before The Passing

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Just yesterday Scottie Pippen had posted a photo on social media of a private plane with the caption "I'm here". Since pretty much no one in the public eye had knowledge of the health crisis that his son was potentially going through not much was thought of in the picture at the time.

Now it seems to indicate that effectively Scottie flew to be by his son's side in the final moments of his life. Certainly, a difficult situation for any parent to be able to bear.

No Word Yet From MJ

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Michael Jordan is certainly one of the biggest stars that have managed to stay clear of the social media frenzy that we live in these days. Unfortunately, that also means that on days like these we typically don't hear from Michael immediately.

At this point celebrities like Fat Joe, Kamal and others have expressed their condolences to Scottie via the public comment section of the Instagram post. There has yet to be a public announcement from some of the famous Bulls players or the Chicago Bulls organization in particular.

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