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Is Prince Harry Back On Good Terms With The Royals? He May Stay In The UK For Queen's Bday

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By Mario Perez

After that now famous or infamous Oprah interview, it seemed that the relationship between Prince Harry and the Royal Family would never recover. The death of his grandfather though pushed Harry back into meeting with his family.

Now, it seems that he's thinking it could be a good idea to stick around in the UK for a little while longer instead of racing back to Meghan and Archie in Southern California. Here is what we know about Harry's plans and where his relationship with his family seems to be.

The Queen's Birthday Is Coming Up

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Everything seems to be falling in line to ensure that ultimately Harry stays a little longer back in his homeland. The queen's birthday is just a couple of days away. The monarch is going to be turning 95 this Wednesday. With the day coming up in just a few days perhaps an American escape by Harry either today or tomorrow could be another blow to his family relationship that he probably can't afford at this point.

Meghan isn't due to have their second baby for at least a month a half at this point. Both issues could be floating around in Harry's mind. By most accounts though, he's planning to stay for her birthday.

What Type of Celebration Can We Expect For The Queen's Birthday?

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With the recent death of her husband and the COVID pandemic still raging on, there will probably be no major events to mark the Queen's 95th birthday. However, it does seem that the family is looking into having a more private affair to celebrate the occasion. Which, would allow them to bypass a lot of the COVID protocols in place.

That way we won't have to see the Queen sitting on her own during her birthday celebration. As we did at the funeral for Prince Phillip. There will be happy birthday wishes to the Queen from people all over the world, but we probably won't see her step out onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace to greet the crowds.

The Family Has Gathered Behind Closed Doors

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Although no details have been released as far as what has actually been said between the family members it seems that after the funeral there was a family meeting at Windsor Castle. Since most of the family members that attended the funeral spent the night there anyway.

Both Prince Charles and Prince William seem to be on speaking terms with Harry. It's not like he is being left out as many people speculated. Particularly when it was announced that the brothers would not be walking together in the funeral and things like that.

The Queen Is Moving On

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It looks like Harry is staying and the family is making amends. What about the Queen though? Some of the most touching scenes from the funeral certainly came when the camera was fixed on the Queen who seemed to be doing her best to fight back the tears multiple times.

Yesterday she was spotted driving onto the Windsor grounds in her Jaguar alone with just a couple of her famous dogs. Sadly, this image of the Queen by herself could be one that we get used to seeing on a more constant basis.

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