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McKayla Maroney smiles close up

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Lucky With Weekend Wardrobe Malfunction

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney has big-time lucked out with pants that didn't fit. The 25-year-old vault queen actually told fans she feels a "million bucks" for finally de-cluttering her closet and getting rid of unworn stuff, with the weekend bringing stunning photos as McKayla took to her Glohé wellness Instagram. Posting in snazzy cream pants that most would have deemed well-fitting, the London 2012 Olympics face revealed that not all is as it seems. The "2nd pair" was causing problems. Check it out below.

Feels A Million Bucks

McKayla Maroney indoors in sweater

Scroll for the snaps, ones that came as a photo-heavy batch of images and included the gymnast's plant-adorned home, plus a gorgeous no-makeup shot as McKayla closed with talk of sunscreen.

"Just returned a ton of clothes that didn’t fit and I feel like a million bucks," the caption opened, with the California native adding: "Online shopping returns were piling up for me, including these pants. 😂 (The 2nd pair don’t fit right in the back)." Keep scrolling for more, and you can swipe the photo gallery below.

Pants Didn't Fit

McKayla Maroney smiles in a shirt

McKayla, who has been making far bigger headlines than the first world problem of new clothes not fitting – she's fresh from surgery for her kidney stones – opened in selfie mode and going edgy. McKayla was all tailored and tight cream pants as she posed in a black top peeping her ripped stomach, with cute little ankle booties and shades completing the look.

Bags from TheRealReal were also included, suggesting the star was passing on her gear to something more-upmarket than Poshmark.

Scroll For More Photos!

McKayla Maroney in a tank top by railings

McKayla, who then referenced the global pandemic, continued: "I’m the type of person who won’t buy something unless I try it on, and it fits perfect.. but with Covid, and no fitting rooms open, I kinda had no choice."

The new GEICO face, whose very hilarious and very flexible safe driving ad can be seen here, then moved onto general lifestyle talk. Maroney has ordered new curtains, she'd hung them up, and she wants you to "excuse" the visible cardboard boxes.

Back To Her Favorite Topic

McKayla Maroney in dress and boots

Maroney, known for drilling in the importance of sunscreen via her wellness feed, closed with a mention of protecting your face against powerful rays.

"My place was getting overwhelmingly bright even with the blinds down. I literally wear my sunblock inside cuz I’m paranoid," she added, concluding: "To tie this post up, I threw in a complimentary “I just woke up” no make up pic since this is a skin care Instagram. 😚💗"

If gymnast Simone Biles sounds familiar, scroll for her removing her chest piercing in a bikini.

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