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'Boy Meets World' Icon, Mr. Feeny, Back Out On The Town At 94 After Covid Vaccine

@mrbilldaniels/ Instagram
By Mario Perez

If you were looking for a feel-good story to lighten up your day heading into the weekend this could just be it. Former Boy Meets World star Bill Daniels shared a few pictures on social media of him and his wife Bonnie at a restaurant with a few friends.

The couple has been together for 70 years he is 94 years old and she's 91. Don't think for a second, though, that the duo is slowing down. Especially now that they've both been vaccinated.

Still Standing Up Straight, No Need For Extra Help

@mrbilldaniels/ Instagram

In the second photo in the post, we can see the couple standing up straight without the need for extra help. This is certainly a great sign for two people that are well into their 90's. They also seemed to be in great spirits. In the post, Daniels mentioned that he had missed having the chance to get pastrami at his favorite restaurant.

The couple has some secrets that have been able to keep them active and feeling young. For one, they are still working and workingout!

Still Giving His Time To The Fans


Although appearances in TV and movies have been few and far between for Daniels in the past few years before the pandemic he had been joining his Boy Meet's World co-stars in different comic cons across the country. Even in the pandemic he was part of a virtual meet and greet with fans through events hosted by Galaxy Con.

Even at his age, it seems that this is something that he plans to continue to do. Meeting fans though is not the only thing that he still has plans to do.

Supporting Teachers

In playing Mr. Feeny it can be fair to say that Daniels developed quite an appreciation for teachers. For years he's been outspoken about the need for better pay for them. At the start of the pandemic, he was very vocal about the support that teachers and school systems should be getting to deal with the rough times. In a post he mentioned,

"Our country needs to stand with teachers, who are the backbone of our education system. I stand with teachers and I hope you do too."

Some Marital Advice?

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Mr. Feeny was always known for his wise words which he gave out to both his students and adults alike on the show. If there is one thing that he knows about is being married. As one-half of arguably the longest-standing couple in Hollywood Daniels in his characteristic hard Bostonian accent mentioned on marriage.

" I just hang on, you know, and try to get along." In the same interview, he had mentioned that his wife was smarter and a better actor. While she happened to be sitting right next to him. Talk about an example of just getting along!

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