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Dr. Pimple Popper -- See This Massive 'Moon' Crater Blackhead Explode!

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By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper is attacking a massive 'moon' crater-sized blackhead -- which is so big, she was forced to break out a tool that looks like a bottle opener!

"I heard we’re going to the moon? 🚀👀 I’ll bring the blackheads and my giant comedone extractor! 😂" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video on Instagram.

When the good doctor says "giant" she means HUGE -- this blackhead and the tool are supersized! Just wait until you see this monster, and you will agree with most people's sentiment -- How does it get this big?!

Check This Out!

See This Massive Blackhead Explode!


As you can see, someone's grandfather let this giant blackhead grow on his head for what it looks like...years!

So, the good doctor breaks out her giant popping tool, that looks like a metal bottle opener. "That looks like a tool you get when putting furniture together lol," one fan wrote.

Another added, "That thing had to be in there for YEARS!!!"

As the video begins, Dr. PP questions the patient about the size and shape of this giant cyst and asks if his wife has any problem watching it fly!

Here It Goes!

It's GO Time!


"The patient was fearful that it was life-threatening... so he let it grow, and grow until it was the size of an orange 😳😳😳," a popaholic wrote after seeing it.

"Aw, who allowed their Grandpa to walk around like this?" another added.

In the brutal video, Dr. Pimple Popper scrapes the top of this huge blackhead and the insides begin pouring out of the top! Interestingly, the gunk is bright yellow -- which is a bit shocking considering the color on the top.

Watch This!

See The Brutal Video...Below!


"When it's so big you have to use a bottle opener from the bar," one person joked after seeing the huge tool.

One popaholic put it like this, "I used to use that tool to tighten the wheels on my skateboard." Now it looks familiar! In the end, a massive amount of juice comes flying out of this growth, and it is one of the doctor's best clips in a long time!

"It's really almost like a 3rd eye," a fan pointed out. Indeed!

Watch The Video...Below!

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