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Jennifer Lopez Keeps $1.8 Million Engagement Ring In Alex Rodriguez Split!

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By Mike Walters

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have officially split ... and JLo is still holding on to that giant $1.8 Million engagement ring!

According to multiple reports, the now ex-couple has agreed to end their relationship and continue on as friends. As you can imagine, the A-list duo has quite a number of co-mingled items inside of their home -- one which includes a VERY expensive piece of jewelry.

At this point, sources say JLo is keeping the monster diamond and Alex hasn't asked for it back. Wow!

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It should be noted, in most states, an engagement ring is a "gift in the contemplation of marriage" which means if the couple breaks up before walking down the aisle -- then the person has to give back the engagement ring.

This is especially important when a ring is valued at a whopping $1.8 million!

But, sources say there's been no discussion between JLo and Arod about turning over the ring or any exchange of jewelry or other gifts they gave to one another.

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Interestingly, one of the reasons for the situation may be that the famous couple gave each other a huge amount of lavish jewelry -- including the ring -- but, also several watches for him and other items.

In other words, the couple may be thinking the whole thing is a wash. She keeps hers, and he keeps his. According to one report, no decision has been officially made yet -- so JLo could decide to give the massive ring back to the former MLB player, or not.

BTW -- There are no major issues between the couple, and they have even decided to stay in business with each other on several projects.

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Keeping The Massive Engagement Ring?!


According to reports, the engagement ring is not in the Dominican Republic where JLo has been staying while filming her upcoming movie. She didn't want to bring the expensive piece of jewelry somewhere she has to leave it all day long while at work -- for security reasons.

The split doesn't come as a huge surprise after it was reported the couple was having issues last month. At the time, ARod flew down to the Dominican Republic to see his fiancee and try to work things out. The couple released a statement saying there are STILL together, and pictures were snapped of them kissing.

As we reported, the couple announced this morning they are officially done.

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