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Larry King's Ex-Wife Shawn Wants To Be Named Executor of His Will

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By Mario Perez

It's been a couple of months now since the passing of TV and radio show legend Larry King back in January. The battle for his estate though seems to be just beginning. According to People, who claim to have court documents in their possession, Larry's ex-wife Shawn Southwick King is asking the court to be named executor of his will.

Up to this point, it had already been announced that Larry King Jr. was tasked with that role. There are a couple of things though that could get in the way of that. Here is how things stand.

There Are Two Wills

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Things can really get heated in court for a number of reasons. Number one is the alleged existence of two wills left by the late King. In a will that was drafted in 2015, Shawn Southwick King was named the executor of the will.

There was then a second will drafted back in 2019 when Larry King and Shawn had presumably fallen out. This will is the one that names Larry Jr. as the executor of the will. It states that all of King Sr.'s are to be divided up in equal parts amongst his children with his "ex-wife" being ruled out.

The Couple Weren't Officially Divorced

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Another one of the details that are going to make everything quite a bit more complicated is the fact that the divorce between the Kings was not finalized at the time of Larry's death. In those days, it was reported that the divorce process was stuck because Mrs. King was looking for $33,100 in monthly spousal support.

As The Blast first reported, Shawn was left out of the handwritten will, penned by Larry King months before initially filing for divorce.

The Hearing Is Set To Begin May 4th

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Just to recap here, we've got two different wills and an ex-wife who was actually still the official wife, and so now is officially a widow. One of the wills was handwritten on a piece of paper with some wideout on it trying to cover up a mistake. That seems kind of fitting in the whole ordeal.

The petition on behalf of Mrs. King has been made official. Now there is a court date set for May 4th where Larry's kids will have to prevent the petition from there father's widow to be made valid.

Religion & Age Were What Doomed The Couple

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When the couple met back in 1997 Larry King had, had a bit of experience in marriage and divorce. At the time Larry had already gone through 7 divorces! No wonder a man who worked literally until the day he sadly passed away only has an estate reportedly worth around 2 million dollars.

That aside, Larry claimed that the 26 year age difference between the pair and the fact that she was a devout Mormon was what doomed the marriage. It's safe to say this is probably not the last we are going to hear about this story.

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