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Rams' Star Aaron Donald Facing Legal Trouble After Nightclub Brawl

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By Mario Perez

The NFL offseason is always an eventful time for NFL stars even though they are nowhere near a football field in most cases for months at a time. It's during these times of the year when most players go on long vacations or do things like host 'Jeopardy!

Other guys chose to spend at least some of their time at clubs and parties. When you mix massive human beings who are used to beating people up on a daily basis like Aaron Donald with some booze things can get out of hand. That's exactly what happened in this case.

What Exactly Went Down

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According to the version given by Todd Hollis who is the attorney for the man that Donald allegedly assaulted Donald and De Vincent Spriggs, his client, were at a Pittsburg night club on the night of April 10. When Spriggs accidentally bumped into Donald, which sparked hostility between the two.

Both men were asked to leave the club. The turn of events gets pretty sketchy from here. The time was said to be around 3 to 4 am. All that is known is that this was DeVincent Spriggs' face after the altercation.

The Injuries Sustained

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Not to poke fun at this Spriggs fellow, but things went as most people would have expected. If you ever got into a fight with an NFL defensive tackle. The fight ended with Spriggs needing around 16 stitches and with a broken eye socket as well as a potential concussion.

As we mentioned before the account of the events recently given by his attorney doesn't really specify exactly how things played out. From looking at the pictures though it's safe to say that Spriggs did not have a fun end of his night by any means.

L.A. Rams & NFL Aware Of The Situation

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The L.A. Rams organization is aware of the situation. The team mentioned though that they were not going to have anything else to say on the matter until they gather more information. This is not the first rodeo for the NFL with these types of altercations.

In most cases what we see is a fine by the league followed by a suspension. Of course, that's going to pile up on top of the legal issues that are going to be inevitably coming Donald's way.

Social Media Reactions To The Incident

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Of course, something like this was going to be picked up by the Twitterverse. Many people are pointing out that it's a pretty dumb move to try and pick a fight with Darnold.

Other than probably changing this man's facial complexion for the rest of his life it seems that the altercation did not escalate to gun violence. Which, is sadly a bit of a common theme in these situations these days. With a 17 game season coming up this year maybe players will have less time to find themselves in unfortunate situations.

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