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Jessica Simpson close up

Jessica Simpson Unpopular In Tight Leggings Drugs Promo

By Rebecca Cukier

Jessica Simpson is not receiving the best feedback as she poses in skin-tight spandex to promote pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. The 40-year-old actress, singer, and "Open Book" author this week appeared in a fresh ad for Pfizer – while the company behind millions of COVID vaccines is saving lives, Jessica was accused of everything from unnecessary drugs promotion to being linked to a brand currently sparking controversy. The outfit was slammed, too, with the mom of three seeming fresh outta luck with the comments. Check it out below.

Starts Off Straight-Forward

Jessica Simpson outdoors with baby Birdie

Scroll for the photo and reactions. Jessica, who has openly battled her prior acne troubles and credits a Pfizer product for her current and very clear skin, posted outdoors and near a white terrace pillar. The blonde, going stylish in tie-dye-effect and reddish leggings and and matching hoodie, injected a little designer into her outfit via monogrammed knee-length Gucci socks, but this post wasn't about the outfit or the star's 100-pound weight loss.

"Full Rc info @eucrisa_pi. Full safety info below," the caption opened.

See The Photo Below!

Jessica Simpson in robe by a tub

Addressing her 5.6 million Instagram followers, Jessica wrote: "Like many of you, I know that life with kids — juggling virtual school with work demands while also trying to find time for fun — is more stressful than ever. We all want to be our best selves and making time for self-care can be hard, but it’s so important!"

"I’ve used steroid-free EUCRISA (crisaborole) ointment, 2%, to treat my mild-to-moderate eczema for years, and while not everyone’s experience is the same, it’s made such a difference for me," she added.

Not Well Received


Topping comments is a reply reading: "So you took the money to post for Pfizer?" Another comment appeared to refer to the misleading comparisons made between the COVID vaccine and morning sickness drug Thalidomide, known for resulting in deformed babies.

"Look up what happened in India because of Pfizer poor deformed babies because of those monsters not testing their vaccines and drugs correctly! And your doing adverts for a company you don’t even bother to research about before putting your name to it!" the user wrote. More below.

Haters Gonna Hate

Jessica Simpson outdoors in double denim

Jessica, who tends not to garner negative comments with her flawless style, did, however, see fans hating on her outfit. "Did Pfizer pick this outfit out too? Not sure it matches," one user snarkily wrote. Simpson does not appear to have responded to the remarks. The medical-grade pharmaceuticals promo has also proven a talking point from other stars – reality face Khloe Kardashian promotes migraine medication on social media.

Jessica is also making headlines right now for releasing the cover of her Amazon Original Stories essay. Scroll for the stunning sheer dress fronting the work.

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