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McKayla Maroney in a black hat

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Passed Out & Hit Her Head After Kidney Stone Surgery

McKayla Maroney / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is on the mend after a procedure she underwent left her with even more injuries. The 25-year-old gold medalist took to Instagram on Monday evening to update fans in the days after she went into surgery to deal with some kidney stones that were unable to pass naturally.

"I’m back and feeling all the way healthy again!" Maroney wrote to her 1.3 million fans while sharing a beautiful photo of herself in a yellow sundress.

Life After Surgery

McKayla Maroney in a yellow sundress
McKayla Maroney / Instagram

Complimenting her dress with a high-wasted Gucci belt, McKayla Maroney updated fans about all the things going on with her health and wellness.

"If you’re interested, the kidney stone removal surgery went extremely well! Thank you for all your kind messages and prayers!" she wrote in the caption of her post while showing off multiple angles of her dress.

Maroney added, "I had to have a stint put in for a week post op, and that was miserable, and painful, and ended up causing infection. I constantly felt nauseous."

Things Got Serious

McKayla Maroney in a yellow sundress and Gucci belt
McKayla Maroney / Instagram

Describing a scary situation, McKayla Maroney revealed that she suffered a fall and hit her head while dealing with the fallout from her surgery. Luckily, her mother was able to rush to her aid.

"The morning before removal I started feeling so sick, I passed out and hit my head on the corner of my bedroom wall. I had to call my mom to come get me and take me to my appointment lol. Rough month! but I am through the worst of it, and in the light," she wrote.

Not Enough Water?

Giphy | Jess

After her entire medical ordeal, McKayla Maroney said she consulted with many health professionals, and the consensus was that she needs to drink more water.

"I did learn from almost 12 different doctors now that the biggest prevention to kidney stones is to drink tons of water. So please!! Drink your water, and have a great week," she wrote to fans in the hopes of sharing her story and helping prevent others from developing the painful kidney stones.

The more you know!

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