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DMX Family Warns Fans To Stay Clear Of Scammers: Family Will Not Be Selling Funeral Tickets

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By Mario Perez

Whenever an artist passes away many fans and collectors run out and try to get their hands on records or other types of memorabilia from the star. Of course, with the sad and shocking passing of DMX, the reaction has been no different.

The family of the rapper though wants to warn fans that they are not putting anything up for sale at this point. Therefore, fans and collectors alike should be very much on the lookout. As there are a ton of scammers that could want to profit from the unfortunate situation.

No Funeral Tickets

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In the past when certain high-profile celebrities have passed away the family decided to honor them with a huge funeral in an arena. This happened with the memorial service for Kobe and Gigi at Staples Center and Michael Jackson's funeral in the same venue.

For Jackson's funeral, there were actually tickets on sale that people could purchase to get into the event. So far the family has mentioned that they have no plans to run a similar scheme. That's why people should be very careful with who they buy things from.

An Official Stament From The Family

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If you are to buy a t-shirt or any other type of merch like the one shown above, you can be sure that it's in no way official memorabilia. This is what the family had to say on the matter.

"We are not selling any merch or raising money for Earl’s funeral. If anyone is requesting for money for his funeral please be aware the person is a scammer,”

The statement went to say that the family will be announcing details for what could be a public memorial service in the upcoming days.

No Material Is Up For Sale

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The family is in no hurry to sell off any material from the raper at this point. In the last couple of days, rumors had been circulating that Jay-Z and Beyonce had purchased what is being titled DMX's Masters collection.

There was even speculation of the price that the collection had gone for. It was mentioned that the power couple had dished out 10 million dollars to purchase the collection. The family clarified that no one had yet purchased the collection. While not necessarily hinting towards whether or not it was for sale.

Is There Or Is There Not Merch For Sale?

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It can be said that there is a bit of a loophole that people can exploit if they want to get official merch. Back in March, the official DMX page on Instagram had published a picture of a couple of hoodies and t-shirts that were available as official DMX merchandise.

The site where the items are no sale is Everything points to the fact that while the raper was still alive he was endorsing this store. Yet, fans and collectors should "proceed with caution". Particularly after the statement, the family put out.

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