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Jay-Z Is NOT Buying DMX's Master Recordings To Give Them To His Children

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By Mike Walters

DMX's family wants his fans and the public to know that they are NOT asking for donations for his burial expenses -- and Jay-Z is not buying his masters to give to the family -- claiming both are just online scams.

According to multiple reports, the legendary rapper's family is not hurting for money and is upset about rumors surfacing online that they are trying to collect cash to help pay for expenses associated with his funeral.

Unfortunately, it's hard to stop online scams that move around on social media -- so the family is asking that no one donates to anything! At this point, they are not collecting anything from his fans.

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DMX's Family Is Not Gathering Donations Online!


Apparently, there are a few scams roaming online which are asking for donations for DMX's burial expenses. As we reported, the city of Yonkers, New York is considering hosting a memorial for the rapper -- which may include an event at the raceway.

But, even if they do go forward with the memorial, an official announcement will be made about the event -- which will not include raising money online.

DMX's family is also warning fans that they are not selling any merchandise following his death -- so, if you see anything, they are not behind it and they are not profiting from it.

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Legendary Rapper's Family Says Any Merchandise Sales Doesn't Help The Family

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Another crazy theory is floating around on social media and it involves DMX's master recordings and Jay-Z.

A rumor is floating around online claiming that Jay-Z and Beyonce bought DMX's masters for a cool $10 million -- claiming he would give it to X's children so they can profit off of it down the line. But, again, the story is total BS -- and the famous couple does not own the rights to his songs.

It should be noted, X's masters are owned by Def Jam, but not owned by Jay Z outright.

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Jay-Z Buying DMX's Master Recordings Is A Bogus Story


At this point, the family just wants to make it clear they are not soliciting any sort of money from his fans or the public at this time.

It's unclear if any GoFund Me pages will be created for his children in the future -- but, no official ones exist at the moment. It appears DMX was in a healthy financial state and the family is not hurting for cash.

As we said, a memorial is currently being planned for the legendary rapper, and most likely it will be held in his hometown of Yonkers, New York. Official details will be released in the next few days.

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