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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew in a carriage

Prince Andrew Accused of Trying to Rehab Image Amid Philip's Death

By Gary Trock

While the Royal family is mourning the death of Prince Philip, many are questioning the spotlight being put on his controversial son, Prince Andrew, while he still carries a dark mark for refusing to cooperate with the FBI in their ongoing investigation of the alleged child trafficking crimes carried out by the late Jeffrey Epstein and his incarcerated associate, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Prince Andrew was the subject of mass scrutiny over the weekend after he was given the public stage to address the media after leaving a memorial service for Prince Philip at Windsor.

What Did He Say?

Screenshot of Prince Andrew on BBC News
BBC News / YouTube

Prince Andrew wore a grim expression as he stepped outside of the historic building on Sunday and spoke to the press about how his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is holding up in the wake of Prince Philip's death.

"We've lost the grandfather of the nation," the controversial royal said while explaining how the family has been "rallying" around the Queen.

He added that his father's death has been a "terrible loss" and that the Queen has said her husband's passing has " left a huge void in her life

Although the UK media outlets running the interview with Prince Andrew did not bring up the elephant in the room, online critics took to social media in droves to express their anger.

"Disgusted to see Prince Andrew on the BBC. A man who should be talking to the FBI rather than addressing UK nationals. Total disgrace," one comment on Twitter read.

"Prince Andrew is wanted by the @FBI to assist in their investigation to expose the truth of Epstein and you’re platforming him... you are abhorrent and complicit in the propaganda and utterly morally bankrupt UK Royal Family and UK Government for protecting him from scrutiny!" another heated viewer commented.

PR Stunt?

Flowers at Buckingham Palace for Prince Philip

While many lashed out at the media for giving Prince Andrew a platform to speak from, others thought the controversial royal was trying to use Prince Philip's death as a chance to change public perception.

"PrinceAndrew crawls out of the rock he was hiding under hoping he can pull off a PR stunt this time and swap his 'alleged child sex offender' title with 'grief-stricken son'. If he thinks it's time to start talking then that talking should be with the FBI!" one person on social media wrote.

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