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Meghan Markle Will NOT Attend Prince Harry's Grandfather's Funeral In England

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By Mike Walters

Meghan Markle is NOT attending Prince Philip's funeral with her husband Prince Harry, but it's not exactly what you are thinking.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that the Prince will be traveling home to attend Prince Philip's memorial in England, and his wife will be staying home with the children.

As you know, Markle is pregnant with the couple's second child and would need medical clearance to fly across the pond. As you can imagine, after claiming members of The Royal Family are racist, many believe the decision is based on not wanting to interact with them.

But, that's not exactly what happened...See Below.

Meghan Markle Is Unable To Fly Due To Her Pregnancy

The Palace confirmed Meghan Markle will not be making the trip to England for the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral -- but says the Duchess did not receive medical clearance to do so.

In other words, the Royal Family is making it seem that the reason for the absence has NOTHING to do with the racism allegations levied against them in the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview.

It's unclear if the pregnancy or the COVID-19 pandemic is the reason for Meghan's doctors to advise her not to attend the funeral -- but, the Palace was clear the private service will be closed to the public due to the virus.

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Prince Harry Will Come Face To Face With Family After Wife Accuses Them Of Racism

"Although the ceremonial arrangements are reduced, the occasion will still celebrate and recognize the duke's life and his more than 70 years of service to the Queen, the UK, and the Commonwealth," the Palace said in a statement.

It continued, "While there is sadness that the public will not be able to physically be part of events to commemorate the life of the duke, the royal family asks that anyone wishing to express their condolences do so in the safest way possible and not by visiting Windsor or any other royal palaces to pay their respects."

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This Should Be Interesting...

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"The family's wish is very much that people continue to follow the guidelines to keep themselves and others safe," the concluded.

Either way, the trip will be an interesting one, after Prince Harry will be forced to confront the things said about his family by his wife. Plus, he will be face-to-face with all of The Royal Family, some that are clearly fuming over what he said on television.

Upon arrival, Harry will follow Coronavirus protocols for travel from the U.S. to the U.K. -- which includes quarantining for several days and being tested for the virus after arriving in his hometown.

This should be interesting...

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