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Khloe Kardashian's Baby Daddy, Tristan Thompson, Recovering From COVID-19

By Mike Walters

Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, is recovering from a serious case of COVID-19 that kept the NBA star off of the court for almost a month.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star is completely versed in the virus after contracting it early on in the pandemic and chronicling the experience on the family's reality show.

Sports fans were aware Tristan had a lengthy stay on the Boston Celtics injury report, but it turns out the big man missed 13 games over the next 24 days due to the Coronavirus.

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Tristan Thompson: I Had A Bit Of All Of The Symptoms


Recently, Thompson revealed his lengthy illness was due to COVID-19 and he suffered from ALL of the nasty symptoms of the virus.

“When I had COVID, I had a bit of all the symptoms,” Thompson told Mass Live. He continued, “At least I kept my taste and smell so I can enjoy my food but that s--t was no joke. So, definitely going to get the vaccine when I’m eligible to get it."

As you know, Tristan shares a young daughter with Khloe Kardashian, and the couple quarantined together after the quarantine started. At this point, he is traveling with his NBA team and doesn't spend the entire time with his family in Los Angeles.

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'I Won, I'm Here Now'


“I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to have no symptoms,” Tristan said. Adding, “I was in a 12-round battle with that joker. But I won. I’m here now.”

At this point, Tristan is back in action, and trying to get up to game speed -- so he can return to the team. "For me the biggest thing was the wind and just being out there with the feel of a 5-on-5 setting with your teammates,” he said.

Adding, “You know you can always go 5-on-5 with the coaches or some of the young players that are on the team that doesn’t get as many minutes, but nothing compares to going 5-on-5 with the first unit guys."

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Khloe Kardashian Suffered From Coronavirus Early On In Pandemic


Khloe Kardashian suffered from the Coronavirus early on in the pandemic and highlighted her experience on the family's reality show.

"Just found out that I do have corona," she said in a clip of the show. She continued, "I have been in my room. It's gonna be fine, but it was really bad for a couple of days."

The episode includes sister Kim Kardashian discussing how worried the family is about the situation. "We're just anxiously awaiting the results for Khloe to see if she has it or not," she said. Adding, "I mean, my gut tells me she does just because she's so sick. And that really scares me for her, 'cause I can tell that she's now getting scared and that she's really nervous about it."

The good news, Khloe fully recovered, and it looks like Thompson is getting much better.

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