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DMX Performing On Stage

DMX's Family Making Decision Whether To Remove Him from Life Support

By Mike Walters

DMX's family is faced with a horrible and heartwrenching decision of whether or not to pull the legendary rapper off of life support -- after critical brain function tests came back with unfortunate results.

According to reports, the battery of tests conducted yesterday on the rapper's brain showed no improvement from the days following his OD and massive heart attack.

As we said, DMX is currently in a "vegetative state" with minimal brain function, and without the help of machines will not survive.

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DMX's Brain Function Is Not Getting Better...

DMX, Snoop Dogg

At this point, X's family if faced with a tormenting decision that involves the realization that the rapper will not recover from this situation -- and let him go in peace.

According to one report, DMX remains in a coma and the test results were "not good." After suffering the overdose and subsequent heart attack, the rapper's brain was deprived of oxygen for nearly half an hour. The damage was reportedly enough that it doesn't appear he can recover from the injuries.

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Family Is Forced To Make The Terrible Decision

DMX Sitting Back Stage

It's currently unclear when DMX's family will be forced to make the decision -- but, it appears this is one of the reasons the hospital is allowing his extended family into the room one by one to say their final goodbyes.

As we reported, the tests were crucial for the family to decided what route to take with his care, and based on the results, "the family would determine what's best from there."

Again, it's unclear if the decision will be made immediately or if the family will have a few days to decide what is best for the rapper.

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DMX's Family Is Arriving At The Hospital To Say 'Final Goodbye'

DMX Standing Outside Of Nightclub

Thousands of fans and others are camped outside of the hospital in a massive show of support for DMX. Several hundred showed up this week for a vigil which included his fiancee and several of his children.

As we reported, DMX reportedly suffered a drug overdose which caused a massive heart attack at his home. The rapper collapsed and was resuscitated three times between his home and the hospital.

The rapper never regained consciousness and has been in a coma since he arrived at the hospital. Celebrities and friends are praying for the rapper, but it appears he is in really bad shape.

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