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Prince William Reaching Out To Harry To Reunite Before Unveiling A Statue of Diana

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By Mario Perez

Over the past few months the relationship between brothers Prince William and Prince Harry has seen some dark days. The brothers were apparently not on the best terms since they were “neighbors” when Harry was newly wed on the grounds of Kensington Palace. Things got worse when Harry quit the Royal Family and then of course the Oprah interview did not help. Now it seems that the older of the brothers, Prince William, is looking to reach out to Harry and reconnect. All of this before they have to be together in public again.

There Has Been Communication After The Oprah Interview

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Recently US Weekly reported that the brothers have been in touch with each other after the Oprah interview. A source told them that the brothers had communicated over email and Whatsapp after the interview. (You’d think that the Royal Family wouldn’t be so trusting of Mark Zuckerberg, with their personal conversations, but that’s a topic for a different day) The conversations were quite heated, but it seems that the brothers have continued to stay in touch despite their differences.

Getting Back Together For Diana

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The brothers are set to be seen back together in public this July. They will be unveiling a statue that they both had commissioned in honor of their mother. The event will serve to celebrate what would have been Diana’s 60th birthday. William is apparently adamant to ensure that the brothers don’t look like they hate each other. Like it seemed in the last couple of public events that they did together before Harry quit the royals. The event will certainly receive plenty of media coverage and any suspicious looks are going to find their way into the headlines.

William’s Reaching Out, But Will Harry Show Up?

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Since it was announced that both of the brothers signed off on the statue of their mother being commissioned speculation has circled over whether or not Harry would be at the unveiling. Although the source for US Weekly claims they have been speaking, Andrew Morton, the journalist who wrote Diana’s personal memoirs, says he wouldn’t be surprised if Harry was a no show. The reasoning is actually very logical Morton mentioned,

“Everyone will be watching and commenting. Harry might not go because Meghan is due her baby around that time”

Show Up For The Diana Statue, But Not For Grandma's Birthday?

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There’s certainly a lot of pressure on Harry this summer. As Morton pointed out his second child is due around that time. If he shows up in July, but not to The Queen’s official birthday in June, and of course the 100th birthday of Prince Phillip in that month as well. Harry may just play the dad card and stay stateside for all of it. Just so that it doesn’t look like he is giving his grandparents the cold shoulder. Even though he left the family he probably doesn’t want to end up on the Queen’s bad side.

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