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Hugh Jackman in a black mask.

Hugh Jackman Faults Buff 'Wolverine' Arms While Getting Vaccine

By Jeff Mazzeo

Needles can't pierce Wolverine's skin, but they can pierce the actor who played the X-Men character.

Hugh Jackman shared pics of himself receiving the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, April 8. The 52-year-old actor flexed his buff arms and invoked his famous character's name as a nurse stuck him with the good kind of juice. He joins the ranks of celebrities encouraging their fans to get the vaccine and pandered to his Marvel fans in his post's caption. Scroll down to see the pics!

Hugh Jackman getting his vaccine.

Hugh flashed a thumbs up at the exact moment the needle pierced his skin. "Wolverine’s healing ability can’t save me from Covid. But the vaccine can. Get it!" he wrote alongside his post.

Of course, Jackman can never escape his ever-teasing pal, Ryan Reynolds who cracked a joke about what was in Hugh's shot. "That's gin," Reynolds commented.

Wolverine's die-hard fans also sounded off in the comments section. "How awesome must that guy's day have been? Vaccinating the Wolverine 😍," one follower wrote, while another said, "Awesome mate !!!! Well done 👏👏❤️thank you for being an inspiration! Always !!🙌🙌"

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Hugh Jackman's ocean selfie.

The actor recently returned home from a relaxing-looking vacation that included an electric surfboard and a lot of sunscreen. Hugh shared a shirtless ocean selfie and joked about the amount of lotion he applied to his body last week. "I’ve been double dipped in SPF 100," he wrote at the time. Jackman also admitted to wiping out on the surfboard but edited that part out of the video he shared. "Video edited to right before I wiped out," he captioned the cool clips (seen below).

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