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Wendy Williams on set

Wendy Williams Deemed Homeless On Drive With New Boyfriend

By Rebecca Cukier

Wendy Williams and her wigged-out car ride are gaining insane comments, with viewers to the 56-year-old talk show queen's latest photo having plenty of thoughts. Wendy now sees a snap of herself with new boyfriend Mike Esterman going viral, and it looks like The Shade Room has one prominent thought. Wendy kicked things off earlier today with a car selfie of herself and her man, with the low-key snap barely showing "The Wendy Williams Show" host's face. Fans still found something to trash, though.

All About New Boyfriend

Wendy Williams and boyfriend at dinner

Scroll for the photo. Wendy, who made 2019 headlines for divorcing 1997-married husband Kevin Hunter, with whom she shares son Kevin Jr., updated to show off her romance and her pandemic outing. The star's photo showed her amid fancy tan leather car seats and with Mike in a print shirt and with his seatbelt on. Wendy, meanwhile, just about peeped her face from behind studded shades, with her messy hair seeming to be the focus as fans rip her apart.

See The Photo!

Wendy Williams with a melon salad

Wendy took to her caption, writing: "Mr. Esterman in the building!" The remarks over the New Jersey native's hair came way before the re-post to The Shade Room. "Now Wendy. Girl, these street wigs gotta go!" a popular reply read.

"What's up with your hair, you couldn't smooth it down before taking the pic?" another asked. The topic continued on Instagram account The Shade Room, where "Why don't she ever brush her wig???" has gained over 800 likes. See more comments after the photo.

'Homeless' Comment

Wendy Williams at an event
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A remark gaining over 400 likes in under 30 minutes read: "Why her hair always giving "Homeless?" Another wrote that they "hate her outside wigs. They be so raggedy." "It's the hair for me," a further user added, although one fan seemed to wonder why "her head ain't never comb." Clearly, a tough crowd.

Wendy, meanwhile, has been busy gushing over her boyfriend, even saying she thinks he reminds her of "Sex & The City" character and lawyer Harry Goldenblatt. More photos below.

Pandemic, But Make It Romance

Giphy | Wendy Williams

Gushing about her man, Wendy mentioned the global pandemic recently, telling viewers:

"Mike and I will see each other this week... He lives in Maryland, and I live here. Because of the virus, you can't do all that traveling. You can't. A smart one doesn't. But I'm going to see him this week. He's busy... We talk all the time."

After her first date with Mike, Wendy said: "I like him. I really really like Mike. We're [close]. We didn't have the sex, but we're close. Based on the virus you don't get close to people, but I couldn't resist."

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