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Sylvester Stallone Not Returning To Play Rocky?

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By Mario Perez

At 74 it seems Sylvester Stallone is ready to finally hang up the gloves and not come back as “Rocky” in the next installment of the “Creed” film franchise. The movie is set to be directed by Micheal B. Jordan in what will be Jordan’s directorial debut. He will be reprising his lead role as Adonis Creed in the film as well. So far out of the film’s starts it seems only Stallone will be out. With Tessa Thompson expected to be back as Bianca Taylor.

Spoiler Alert : Could This Be Hinting A Rocky Death?

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A spoiler alert is in full effect here. In the last installment of Creed, audiences got to see the decline of Sylvester Stallone’s character. The character is diagnosed with cancer and battles through the disease throughout the film. The performance actually led to Stallone getting an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor. He won the Golden Globe award for the same performance in that award season back in 2015. Since the character had been suffering from an illness it could be time to give him a goodbye.

Stallone Is Not Necessarily Done With Rocky

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The news of Stallone not coming back as Rocky will probably seem strange for the folks who follow Sly on social media. In the past few days Stallone has been uploading pictures of the editing process that he is undertaking. As he is getting set to release a new version of Rocky 4. With the success of the Snyder cut of the Justice League movie it seems that a lot of directors want to get in on the business of re-releasing some of their old movies.

A Rocky Prequel

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Another social media post from Sly directly indicates that the actor, director, and producer is actively looking into a Rocky Prequel project. Sly mentions that his original idea is to create a series that will serve as a Rocky prequel. From the looks of things this isn’t a project that is near completion at all. Sly showed fans a couple of pictures of different ideas scribbled on a paper. While then featuring a couple of fishing photos. As he mentions that part of his creative process involves getting a way and giving himself an opportunity to find the necessary inspiration.

Will We or Will We Not See Stallone Back As Rocky?

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Sly did finish the director’s cut for Rocky 4 recently. There is hope then, that it will be released in the coming months. Sly had hinted at a November 2020 release for that cut to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the original release. That won’t be happening of course. At this point in time, the timing of Sly’s IG posts seem suspicious. As he released more Rocky potential content leading up to the day it’s announced that he won’t be coming back for Creed III.

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