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Chet Hanks Breaks Silence On Violent Incident With Ex-GF, It's A 'Vicious Attempt To Extort Money'

By Mike Walters

Tom Hanks' son, Chet, is breaking his silence on the violent incident which led to him suing his ex-girlfriend for assault, and her filing a restraining order against him -- claiming the entire thing is an attempt to extort money.

Chet Hanks took to Instagram to air his frustration on the incident, which he acknowledged came at the same time as another scandal involving the famous offspring which involved allegations of racism for creating clothing with the phrase, 'White Boy Summer.'

In the statement, Hanks claims the situation with his ex-girlfriend is nothing more than a "vicious attempt to extort money."

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Chet Hanks began by clarifying the situation with the clothing, saying, "I can’t even begin to put in words how monumental, miraculous, chaotic, and defining the past few days of my life have been. When I posted the first #WhiteboySummer video, I had no idea what was going to happen. But I quickly realized it was going to be my biggest viral moment yet, and I had to capitalize on it. So I came out with the shirts. I just thought Old English was a dope ass font, but once I posted it I realized how it could be taken the wrong way by the wrong kind of people. Horrified at the idea of being a part of the PROBLEM, I quickly tried to fix the issue by including merch for all races."

The actor continued, addressing the allegations with his ex-girlfriend.

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'It Is Nothing More Than A Vicious Attempt To Extort Money From Me'


"On the same day, I was alerted that a story was about to run on me that I had known was coming for several months, which is nothing more than a vicious attempt to extort money from me and assassinate my character. So everything was hitting the fan at once," he continued.

Interestingly, Chet included a story about the alleged problematic clothing and how it led to the possibility of him venturing back into the music industry.

"When I was leaving the merch factory, (the owner) looked at me and said, “we need a whiteboy summer anthem” And it struck a chord deep within me because I had already given up on my dreams of being a recording artist a long time ago... And now I see that THAT PAIN was worse than ANY obstacle that could be thrown at me!!!" he wrote.

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Chet Hanks: My Ex-Girlfriend Is Trying To 'Assassinate My Character'


"So I just said F--K IT and decided to at least give it a shot... so I posted on my story that I needed a studio, and I went to the first person that hit me back.... this was 4 days ago. Fast forward today and we already have the music video ready to drop. Having barely ate or slept this whole time I’ve been scrambling to put all this shit together."

As we reported, Chet sued his ex-girlfriend after accusing her of slashing him with a knife -- after he confronted her about stealing money from his credit cards. The woman filed her own restraining order claiming, in fact, Hanks was the violent one and outlines several instances where she says he was abusive.

The lawsuit is word on when the 'White Boy Summer' anthem may be released.

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