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Teresa Giudice's New Boyfriend Once Charged With Assault After Road Rage Incident

By Mike Walters

Teresa Giudice's boyfriend had a previous brush with the law, and part of being the new man of a famous reality star is -- your past will start pouring into the newspapers.

According to reports, Luis Ruelas was charged with simple assault after a road rage incident in New Jersey in August of 2018. The 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey' star's new boyfriend got into an altercation on the side of the road, where a man claimed he stopped quickly in the road trying to avoid a squirrel.

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In the police report, obtained by The New York Post, Teresa's boyfriend tried to pass the man after he stopped for the animal and was met with a middle finger as he rolled past.

According to Page Six, upon reaching a stop sign, Ruelas allegedly pulled in front of the person's vehicle and "charged at (his) driver's side door" and a verbal argument ensued. At that point, Teresa's BF allegedly stuck his hand in the "struck" him on the side of his head, knocking his sunglasses off of his head.

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Alleged Victim Claims Teresa's Boyfriend Struck Him In The Face!


At that point, according to the report, "Luis then grabbed the top of the window and began rocking it back and forth as if he was trying to break it."

Ultimately, the man was able to roll up the window and apologize to Ruelas as he allegedly continued to bash "on the bottom of the window with his fist," according to the NY Post.

In the end, the victim was able to snap a photo of Teresa's boyfriend's license plate, and it lead to criminal charges.

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'RHONJ' Sources Say It Was Just A Disagreement Between 'Two Grown Men'


In the report, a female witness allegedly came forward, called the police, and confirmed the information given to law enforcement by the victim.

At the time, an officer made contact with the 'RHONJ' star's boyfriend who admitted being involved in a road rage incident but denied ever hitting the man. Following the incident, Ruelas was charged with simple assault and pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace in 2018 -- along with a minimal fine.

A source close to the couple downplayed the incident, telling Page Six, “This was a non-incident in 2018 and it’s even less of one in 2021, it was a disagreement between two grown men. There was no criminal conviction. The matter was resolved with a small fine and everybody went home.”

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