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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Poses In Bunny Ears And Pink PJs After Easter Bunny Visit

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By Jeff Mazzeo

The "Always Be My Baby" singer proved that she will always be our bunny!

Mariah Carey showed off her ears on Sunday, April 4. The icon posed in her pink-striped pajamas and a cute pair of bunny ears while holding two cute pooches. Mariah thanked the Easter Bunny for making her morning special and revealed that the photo was taken shortly after "EB" took off. Carey's room was filled with giant pink butterfly figure and dozens of different size balloons. "Thank you EB! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜," she said.

EB For The Win

Mariah Carey's Easter pic.

"The Easter Bunny just left! 🐰💗" she wrote alongside the cheerful photo. Mariah's boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, quickly commented on her post. "EB is spreading the love and festivity! 🐰" he wrote.

Bryan's comment made fans question if he was the man behind the bunny. "Were you the EB? Lol" one curious fan asked, while another demanded, "WHOS EB🤬🤬?"

A few fans made some semi-religious Easter jokes. "Mimi has risen," one follower wrote, referring to the religious saying, "He has risen."

Hitting High Note While Getting Vaccine

Mariah Carey getting her vaccine.

On Saturday, Carey received her first dose of the vaccine, and her fans received a treat when she hit her famous high note when the needled entered her arm. "Vaccine side effect: G6 🎵," she captioned the vaccine video.

Mariah was nervously talking before the nurse was ready, but when it was time, she hit the high note that her fans know and love... we also didn't know that it was a G6 note! “Here we are, hoping for the best, encouraging you guys to do it when you can,” she said at the time. She also made a very curious and interesting vampire joke. The nurse noted no blood from the injection, and Mariah responded, “See, I’ve proven my point. I am actually a vampire.”

All Out For The Holidays

Mariah Carey's St. Patrick's Day pic.

It's no surprise that Mariah loves holidays (she has one of the top Christmas albums), but she really goes all out for all the holidays. She posed for a picture with "dem babies" all decked out in green beads on St. Patrick's Day. Moroccan held up a mustache prop and a green bow tie, while Monroe had a leprechaun hat and glasses props. Carey also wore a cute green hat and headband.

Mommy pulls out all the stops for holidays with the kiddos!

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