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A photo of Selena Gomez in a button down blue short under a set of palm trees.

Selena Gomez Says She's Come To Terms With 'Bipolar' Diagnosis

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By Favour

Selena Gomez has remained a sensation in and out of the industry and while she has her ups and down, she just keeps getting better.

The Disney actor turned musician, is one of the strongest female competitors in the music industry and when it comes to her career, she has soared to great heights.

However, she’s human and still goes through bad experiences. The “Kill Em With Kindness” singer, recently opened up on how relieved she was to hear a diagnosis. 

Read below for more gossip. 

The Future

A photo showing Selena Gomez posing in the woods in a black jacket with shiny designs and a blue denim pant.
Instagram / Selena Gomez

Now, Gomez is doing very well for herself and her music career has seen its best days continuously.

Since the pandemic began, Gomez has found several ways to improve and engage herself, which is as opposed to sitting at home all day.

One of such activities includes cooking. The singer posts photos of herself in the kitchen with lined-up ingredients and sometimes, she has a backup chef to guide her.

The lockdown also helped Gomez usher in amazing projects like a collaboration with Asian girl band, “BLACKPINK.” 

The Past 

Selena Gomez looks super cute in this photo of her wearing a red color beanie and a zip-down outfit.
Instagram / Selena Gomez

Calling the happenings in the singer’s life the past, is a necessity because she has chosen not not be defined the events of her past.

A few months ago, Gomez was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Also, she has battled with other illnesses like lupus and a need for a kidney transplant.

To some, these were some of the most difficult parts of the “When The Sun Goes Down” singer, however, for her, these were trial periods that only made her come out stronger. 

The Present

Selena Gomez poses for a selfie in a green short at home and she looks lovely.
Instagram / Selena Gomez

During a recent discussion with “Vogue Magazine,” Gomez said that when she heard the news of her diagnosis, she was somewhat relieved.

She went on to say that the news helped her do better for herself and helped her feel ”less scary.” 

The actress went on to say that the revelation of the diagnosis, helped her intentionally work through her challenges without the need to panic.

As the years go by, she has learned a great deal on how to manage her health and pick the best options that fit her. 

The Old Selena Is Long Gone

A photo of Selena Gomez in a feather-design dress, posing for the cameras at an event.
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Some people may know Gomez as the young star who repeatedly fell in love with Justin Bieber. 

Others will likely remember her as the girl who had trouble keeping her emotions in check because of the negativity she was facing consistently online.

Nevertheless, this new Gomez is an epitome of not only beauty, but vigor, strength and charisma. She has brought life to everything that she laid her ands on and for that reason, fans totally love and adore her. Especially for being a rockstar. 

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