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Kaley Cuoco smiling close up

Kaley Cuoco's Buns Enjoy Weekend Yoga Mat Treat

By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco's buns quite literally had all the fun this weekend. The 35-year-old sitcom star and "The Flight Attendant" face was all workout action for her 6.6 million Instagram followers yesterday, with stories going down the unusual route as Kaley was joined by two very little cuties for her yoga mat session. Kaley, who houses a veritable farm of pets on her $12 million Hidden Hills estate, was joined by rabbits Lenny and Simon, with an amusing video showing how it rolls under her roof. Check it out below.

Bunnies Welcome

Kaley Cuoco holds a bunny

Scroll for the video. If you aren't familiar with Kaley's rabbits, one even comes complete with its own @simon_silly_rabbit Instagram account. The duo lives inside Kaley's garage, but they were in the gym as the blonde filmed her weekend sweat session.

The video, showing only an empty home gym and a large black yoga mat, quickly got busy with one black and one brown bunny seen hopping around, with Kaley taking to her caption to narrate the fun and games.

Scroll For The Video!

Kaley Cuoco and husband with a bunny

Shouting out her little bunnies, Kaley wrote: "I GOT A NEW WORKOUT MAT AND THE BUNS TRULY THINK IT'S FOR THEM." The actress added: "I CAUGHT WEIRDO LENI ACTUALLY HAVING FUN." Lenny and Simon, who receive less coverage than the star's famous dogs and horses, are nonetheless popular, with Simon boasting a small, but healthy Instagram following of 71,000.

"I’m just a waskly wabbit who loves my mom @kaleycuoco & dad @mrtankcook and all my furry friends. I also take fab pics of my waskly adventures! 🐰," his bio reads.

See More Photos Below!


Kaley pops up on Simon's feed every so often, making 2020 headlines for an AC video showing her with hair blowing around and holding one of her rabbits. "My AC unit finally arrived but @kaleycuoco seems to think it’s for her own personal glam shoot 🤣," the caption read.

Kaley's biggest headlines right now are all career, though, with hit HBO Max series "The Flight Attendant" now renewed for a second season. The series premiered in November 2020. See more photos after the rabbit video!

'The Flight Attendant'

Kaley Cuoco smiles with balloons

Kaley serves as executive producer on her series, with her Yes, Norman Productions company behind it all. Earlier this year, the star opened up about being a jack of all trades on set, stating:

“It was interesting because I’ve never been in an editing bay. In all my years as an actor, I’m sad I started this late on this side of things. I do feel like my head was in the sand. As an actor, knowing how we were going to cut things, it did tweak and change how I did things.”

Scroll for Kaley glugging wine in a bikini that doesn't fit!

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