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Mackenzie McKee gym selfie

'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee 'Thrives' In Bikini Shot After Move to Florida

Mackenzie McKee / Instagram
By Gary Trock

"Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie McKee is all about changes in 2021 and is letting fans know that, although they may be scared to venture outside their home town as they grow up, relocating may be exactly what someone needs to truly thrive.

The veteran MTV reality star took to Instagram over the weekend as she enjoyed the beach from her new home in sunny Florida. Leaving Oklahoma was a big move for Mackenzie, and her three children, but the star feels she made the right move and is not looking back!

Hello, From Florida!

Mackenzie McKee in a hammock
Mackenzie McKee / Instagram

Mackenzie McKee was living her best life on Saturday when she hit up social media with a series of bikini shots while beachside in Florida. Sitting in a hammock and throwing up her hands, the "Teen Mom OG" star talked about the recent move from her hometown in Oklahoma.

"I use to come up with a million reasons why NOT to leave my home town and live wherever I know I will thrive," Mackenzie wrote.

She added, "But once you stop coming up with excuses, magic happens baby. Incase your wondering if you should leave your small home town.... YOU SHOULD!"

Fans and supporters of Mackenzie McKee have loved following her journey on "Teen Mom OG," as her life as been similar to many other moms in America.

"It’s SUPER hard leaving family but we did it too and you have to do what’s best for your tribe," one fan wrote on Instagram in response to the reality star's post.

Responding to the fan, Mackenzie revealed that she continues to have a positive relationship with her family from back home.

"I love and cherish my visits home honestly. And they come see me. I’m closer to them now then I was when I was living there because I was so [unhappy,]" she wrote.

Cover of Mackenzie McKee's book
Mackenzie McKee / Instagram

Along with the cross-country move, Mackenzie McKee has some other exciting news as she recently announced her upcoming memoir, "Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes."

Revealing the cover art of her book, Mackenzie McKee is seen wading in a body of water while fixing a jeweled crown atop her head.

"I'm so excited to officially announce my new book! I can't wait to share my life story with everyone, there are so many details and stories that you never got to see on the show," McKee told fans while directing people to the pre-order link.

The book is currently taking orders for the $21 hardcover version of McKee's memoir – it's due out in October.

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