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'1000-LB Sisters' Star Amy Slaton CLAPS BACK At Haters Over Her Infant Son's Diet!

By Mike Walters

'1000-LB Sisters' star Amy Slaton is not happy with fans who are questioning the dietary choices for her 4-month old newborn, so she is clapping back on social media!

The reality star shared updates with her beautiful baby boy over Instagram and Twitter, including the first time they introduced solid foods to the baby -- green beans.

But, the revelation sparked a huge debate online about starting an infant so young on solid foods, even gathering a few hateful comments about the reality star's weight and diet choices. So, Amy lashed back at the trolls!

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Amy Slaton Addresses Haters Questioning Her Decision To Move To Solid Foods


Earlier this week, Amy shared an adorable photo of a messy baby eating his first bites of solid food with the caption, "Gage ate green beans for the 1st time."

Immediately following the post, a few haters jumped in saying things like, "I don't understand your hurry to introduce him to food, all he needs is milk at this age. Remember where your unhealthy relationship with food led you," and "He is adorable. Just be careful with solids since he is so young. If doc approves just go slow."

So, Amy clapped back online with a little message of her own!

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'Gage's Doctor Told Us To Give Him Vegetables'


"Gage's doctor told us to give him vegetables. I would never do anything to hurt gage. I even messaged his nurse daily to make sure he stays safe. Only thing he said was not fruit right now," she tweeted. It's nicer than most of us would have been!

Luckily, a few reality show fans came to Amy's defense, tweeting support like "We started with fruit (prunes) as he was always constipated and he was 17 weeks, You're not doing anything wrong."

"Yea there not his doctor," Amy replied.

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Clapping Back At The Haters!


This isn't the first time Amy has dealt with online trolls questioning her mothering style and picking apart photographs that she publishes.

A few days ago, critics slammed the reality star for the state of the baby's bedroom -- pointing out that one of the pillows was dirty. Plus, she even got crap for taking a vacation while the baby was only three months old. Sounds like someone who doesn't have kids!

However, the good news is...Amy shared details about Gage's weight (16lbs) which is perfect for his age.

Either way, all of it will make for really good reality TV!

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