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'Tiger King' Star Jeff Lowe Suffers Massive Stroke, Believes He Was Poisoned?!

By Mike Walters

'Tiger King' star Jeff Lowe suffered a massive stroke which had him clinging to life, and he believes someone may have poisoned him causing the near-fatal medical emergency.

According to reports, the Netflix documentary star was found unresponsive in an Oklahoma casino by his wife, who called 911 and rushed him to a hospital.

Jeff's wife, Lauren, found the reality star around 3 AM inside the WinStar World Casino where the couple was staying. At the time, she says "I thought he was dying in my arms," as she waited for paramedics to arrive and render aid to her husband.

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'Tiger King' Star's Family Believes He Was Poisoned!


First responders rushed to Lowe's aid and determined that he had suffered a massive stroke, and started treating him at the scene. But, it was determined he needed to be airlifted to a hospital in Denton, Texas to continue treating the medical emergency.

In the hospital, doctors reportedly ran a battery of tests to determine the cause of the near-fatal stroke but had a minimal explanation. This made Jeff's wife very suspicious about an encounter earlier in the evening, before the episode.

The Lowe's believe he may have been poisoned! See Below!

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In the hours before the medical emergency, Jeff and his wife were out on a dinner date when a strange man approached the table, claiming he knew them, but they didn't recognize him. The guy even said he knew their favorite drink orders, and ordered a round. As a few 'Tiger King' fans gathered to take selfies with the famous documentary star, the man lingered near the table.

At this point, the family believes the mystery man may have spiked Jeff's drink with something that could have caused the stroke.

After receiving word that Jeff's blood and urine test came back negative for commonly used drugs, Lauren claims it could have been something more exotic. It's literally ripped from the pages of a 'Tiger King' episode.

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Jeff Lowe Is Recovering At Home, Having Difficulties With Speech, Coordination


Jeff Lowe spent three days in the hospital and is now home recovering. Unfortunately, Jeff is still having difficulties with his speech and coordination.

At this point, the family is connecting the dots about what happened that night and might report the incident to law enforcement. As we reported, Jeff has been in a massive legal war with zoo owner and co-star Joe Exotic, after taking over his Tiger zoo following his imprisonment.

The family has not indicated this may have to do with his ongoing issues with the zoos, but it sure smells like a great follow-up episode of the hit show!

Get Well Soon!

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