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McKayla Maroney in red dress

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Gives Update from Hospital After Surgery

McKayla Maroney / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney has courageously performed in front of millions of people on perhaps the biggest stage in the world, but the star admits she was pretty scared to go under the knife to take care of some pesky kidney stones.

Maroney updated fans early Thursday morning from her hospital room after undergoing, what she deemed, a successful surgery. The gold medalist had been open about her recent health issues, which included a late-night rush to the emergency room last month.

Surgery Was a Success!

McKayla Maroney in hospital bed
McKayla Maroney / Instagram

"I think my surgery was a success. On to recovery," McKayla Maroney wrote while showing herself in a hospital bed after the kidney stone procedure.

For having gone under the knife, the 25-year-old star looked amazing and even dropped her pink facemask a bit so she could drop an Instagram pose before posting to social media.

Maroney also shared a photo of herself appearing to cry before going into surgery and admitted with fans that she was very nervous about the outcome.

Honest With Fans

McKayla Maroney in hospital gown
McKayla Maroney / Instagram

"Not gona [sic] lie I really didn't want surgery," Maroney wrote to fans after her procedure was finished.

She added, "I was pretty sad, and scared of the bad possible outcomes, and the pain. I'm happy it's over, but it's gonna [sic] be at least a week more of pain w this stint then I'll be good I think."

As we previously reported, Maroney revealed she was rushed to an Orange County hospital in February with "severe" pain when she was diagnosed with kidney stones.

How It Started

McKayla Maroney in blue hospital gown with pink facemask
McKayla Maroney / Instagram

"Had to come to the ER at 3am because pain kept getting worse, and I couldnt' stop throwing up. Just got by CT Scan back. I have a few kidney stones," the Olympian told fans at the time.

With kidney stones, a patient is usually given a chance for the stones to break up and pass through medicine and other non-invasive measures. If those don't work, then ultimately surgery is usually required to insert a stent and give more room for the stones to pass.

Unfortunately, Maroney had to opt for the surgery, but at least the worst part is hopefully over and she is able to experience a quick recovery.

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