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Kelly Ripa looking surprised

Kelly Ripa's 'Live' Replacement Gets Mixed Reviews

By Rebecca Cukier

Kelly Ripa is a no-show who's now the talk of the town as she goes MIA from "Live! With Kelly and Ryan." The 50-year-old talk show queen, hosting the syndicated talk show since 2001, was today absent from the set as she takes a little time off, with 45-year-old co-host Ryan Seacrest landing himself a brand new temporary co-host. Ryan was on Monday joined by media face Maria Menounos for the week's first episode, and it looks like fans of "Live!" have very mixed thoughts. Check it out below.

Ditching Ryan

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest backstage

Scroll for the video. Kelly, last year ditched by Ryan for two days straight as he awaited the results of a COVID test, was proving two can play at this game. The former "All My Children" actress was nowhere to be seen as "Live!" updated its Instagram with pre-set footage, with the video showing "American Idol" host Ryan welcoming Maria.

Maria, all legs in a cute plaid shorts and jacket set, was seen strutting her stuff, saying: "Just wait until you see this strut."

See The Video Below!

Kelly Ripa sweater selfie

A caption from "Live!" did not announce why Kelly wasn't there, but it did greet Maria, calling her "guest" cohost today. Viewers have been commenting, and it's looking very mixed. Some, seemingly in the trolling mood, lashed out at mom of three Kelly with suggestions that she interrupts Ryan. Others loved Maria.

"Love Maria's and Ryan's energy," one user replied, adding that it was "very refreshing." Another wrote: "Keep her on!" Not everyone was a fan of seeing Kelly gone, though. See the other side after the video.

Missing Kelly

Kelly Ripa seated in a dress

One user seemed very keen to see Ripa back, writing: "Kelly isn’t allowed to be gone. Maria’s laugh is sooo irritating. Please no more."

The biggest question on everyone's lips was also asked. "What happened to Kelly Ripa??" Now, fans are wondering if the blonde has left the show, with a user suggesting she's quit. Kelly made 2020 headlines for hinting her days on the set might be numbered, this coming as she was interviewed by Parade. Scroll for more photos.

Kelly Leaving 'Live'?

Kelly and Ryan on scooters on set

Kelly, whose show with Ryan is the most-watched morning talk one in America, told the media outlet she might have something else up her sleeve. “I’ve been writing a lot, so my goal ultimately would be to eventually get off camera and start working behind the camera more in that creative aspect because I really do enjoy the writing process so much,” she said.

Last year, when Ryan was absent, Kelly was joined by both Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Scroll for Kelly's nudie shower – with oranges.

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