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Chef Gordon Ramsay smiles for the camera as he sits down in a booth in one of his restaurants.

Chef Gordon Ramsay Shocks Fans: 'I'm Turning Vegan'

Instagram | gordongram
By Kristin Myers

Is it April Fool's Day already?

In an Instagram video that has since gone viral, the celebrity chef known for his fits of dining rage and culinary insults, Gordon Ramsay, has announced he's going vegan.

Say it ain't so! 

Culinary Travels 

Chef Gordon Ramsay poses with a group of soldiers on Veteran's Day.
Instagram | gordongram

The English-born athlete, 54, has eaten his way across the world...literally. 

In addition to Fox's popular "Kitchen Nightmares," and "24 Hours to Hell and Back" where Ramsay has traveled around the United States helping struggling restaurants recover, he also has been shown traveling to the world's most exotic destinations. 

In the "National Geographic" series "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted" streaming on Disney+, Ramsay can be seen managing some truly harrowing culinary feats: harvesting cactus worms while hanging off the slide of a cliff in Peru to nibbling weaver ant eggs in Laos. 

So what made the man who had tasted it all decide to give up meat? 

The Video

Chef Gordon Ramsay takes a close-up video, showing fans how to slice a Beef Wellington.
Instagram | gordongram

In the video, Ramsay opens with a startling announcement:

“Hi guys, it’s Gordon. I’ve got a confession. After three decades of cooking, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of hours behind the stove, I…I’m turning vegan.”

The minute-long video then shows Gordon replacing a typical steak lunch for a vegan one. 

After teaching fans how to replace a traditional cut of beef with a grilled aubergine, also known as eggplant in the States, Ramsay confesses to his viewers that he’s going vegan…for lunch. Only.  

Fan Reactions

Chef Gordon Ramsay smiles in a photo of him working in the kitchen along with Chef Christina Wilson.
Instagram | gordongram

Although many fans saw through the joke, a few expressed relief that Ramsay wasn't serious about embracing a plant-based diet. 

“Ngl, they had me in the beginning,” one fan commented.

“I was nervous for a minute,” another shared. “I learned how to pan cook steaks watching you Ramsey….”

Another added, “You scared me for a second! But it looks amazing!!!”

Although it might have been a joke, some fans are hopeful that Ramsay will go on to create more vegetable-centric meals in the future.

“Haha, this would turn me vegan (maybe) too!” one fan joked. “I love eggplant!”

“This looks amazing!” a vegan British blog shared. “Looking forward to seeing you making many more vegan lunches!”

Current Appearances 

Chef Gordon Ramsay smiles in a behind-the-scenes photo taken on the Graham Norton Show.
Instagram | gordongram

Current fans of the “MasterChef” can catch him on "Hell's Kitchen," airing its 19th season Thursdays on Fox. This season's winner will receive a position at Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen Restaurant in Lake Tahoe

British fans can also catch him on his new (and newly canceled) game show, "Bank Balance," which saw more than half its viewership drop after its series debut

Maybe Ramsay's sarcastic sense of humor should stay where it serves him the kitchen.

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