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Fans Claim Justin Bieber's New Song Is About Selena Gomez!

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By Favour

Although it's been years since Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber made the headlines together as a couple, fans have some speculations up their sleeves.

They believe that Bieber was referencing his notorious on-again, off-again relationship with Gomez in his new song, "Ghost."

The song, which included lyrics like "I miss your touch some nights when I'm hollow" and "If I can't be close to you, I'll settle for the ghost of you, " had fans curious.

Some fans went on Twitter to share their thoughts about the song and found like-minds. While some fans assumed the song was about Gomez, some pointed out that it was simply about losing someone. Well, he lost Selena! 

Breaking It Down

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To clear the air, Bieber played the new album for fans over Zoom and explained that the song was about losing a loved one.

He continued that he knows many people have lost someone or people close to them, and that the music isn’t about Gomez.

He also explained that the past year has been trying for many who lost a loved one to the pandemic or even a relationship. He added that the song was to connect and hold on to the sweet memories of their loved ones.

In other words, Bieber blatantly told his fans to stop associating his songs with his ex-girlfriend. 

A Tribute Song

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Before Bieber cleared the doubts, one fan accurately predicted that the song was about the singer's family members who passed away or for people who were lost all over the world to the pandemic.

Another twitter user claimed that although they he/she wasn’t a fan of Bieber and Gomez's past relationship, the new album looked like it was about her.

The speculations are coming two months after Gomez's fan thought Gomez, 28, referenced Bieber in her song, "De Una Vez." Although Gomez didn't mention Bieber in the music, fans still assumed the song was about him.

Moving Past The Hurt

A photo of Selena Gomez in a field area, dressed in a jacket and denim pant.
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Although fans are still obsessing over Gomez and Bieber, it's safe to say they have both moved on.

In September 2020, a year after Gomez first released her Bieber-inspired song titled "Lose You To Love Me," she had an interview with "Rolling Stone."

During the interviews, said she wanted listeners to take the song as a closure for her. She continued that she doesn't want people to view her as sad and hurt.

Finally, she added that although she experienced something real, that part of her was over.

A Time Of Hurt And Healing

A throwback photo showing a younger Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber posing for pictures at a red carpet event.
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Gomez and Bieber's turbulent relationship lasted roughly eight years and came to a definitive end when they broke up in early 2018.

By July of the same year, Bieber and his present wife, Hailey Baldwin got engaged and were married two months later in a New York City courthouse. 

While Justin is happily married to Baldwin, Gomez is also living her best single life.

Since the breakup, she hasn't dated anyone, and she‘s very happy about that decision. In early 2021, Gomez was allegedly romantically involved with Aaron Dominguez, but she soon put the rumors to rest during an interview with "Los Angeles Times."

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