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Iggy Azalea close up

Iggy Azalea Opens Wide For Gas Station Comeback

By Rebecca Cukier

Iggy Azalea is officially back, all late-night gas station tease and with some big gulp action. The 30-year-old "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" hit-maker has been silent when it comes to announcing any new beats, with the mold broken this weekend as the Aussie dropped both a clip from new "Sip It" music video and footage of herself in a separate post. Iggy, followed by 14.4 million on Instagram, made it twice the treat for her Saturday audience. Check it out below.

Dropping Weekend Bombshell


Scroll for both videos. Iggy, whose popular albums include 2014-released "The New Classic" and 2019-released "In My Defense," had not announced that new music was on the way. The star largely making 2020 headlines for welcoming son Onyx without announcing her pregnancy and then splitting from baby daddy Playboi Carti, made sure her return to music came loud and proud today.

The first video was a mash-up of scenes with fluorescent lighting and Iggy seen opening wide to stick a beverage straw in her mouth.

See The Gulp!


Iggy, surrounded by back-up crew and sending out hard hip-hop vibes, made her caption a total tease with a beverage emoji, quickly following the video with a more mysterious one showing an empty gas station at night. The two-pump setting came with a huge straw and drink "Kitty Juice" cup above the building, with the release date announced: "SIP IT" comes out April 4.

"Just one sip," the Grammy nominee wrote for a total 150,000+ views in two hours. Keep scrolling for the gas station video.

Scroll For The Gas Station!

Iggy Azalea shades selfie

Iggy, who rapped about moving to Miami aged just 16 and not knowing a soul on previous records, has opened up on her career and on being self-taught. "Nobody really taught me. I lived down south for a long time, and everybody likes to dance like that at parties. And I love to dance too, I guess," she told Acclaim.

"I see, I read and I hear letters from people trying to communicate with me saying that I inspire them or that I influence them," she added. See her braless cocktail dress after the video!

Stuns After Baby

Iggy Azalea in a cocktail dress

Iggy never announced her pregnancy, even sparking speculation she had been inspired by makeup mogul Kylie Jenner's hidden one. In April 2020, Iggy gave birth to first son Onyx, whom she is now raising solo amid ugly baby daddy drama with Carti, a man Iggy claims ditched his own son over the holidays.

Iggy has also been making headlines for dropping weight, last year revealing she shed 20 pounds without even trying. Scroll for Iggy's massive weight loss and bathrobe falling down.

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