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Courtney Stodden close up

Courtney Stodden Addresses Plastic Surgery With Shirtless Confidence

By Rebecca Cukier

Courtney Stodden is bringing a refreshing side to the plastic surgery industry by slamming it – despite having been a customer. The 25-year-old model, singer, and former teen bride today got honest about her body insecurities in a raw, touching, and revealing Instagram post, one seeing her admit to having undergone cosmetic breast surgery as she addressed being fake in a world that judges. Courtney's Wednesday talk came with a sizzling Daisy Dukes and bra photo, but the post was as much about the caption. Check it out below.

'Big Butts' Taking Over

Courtney Stodden indoors in bikini

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Courtney, whose marriage to "The Green Mile" actor Dough Hutchison was last year finalized, re-invents her image and admits she's been growing up and finding her true self. The "Bully" singer's photo today was a gorgeous one, showing healthy curves, muscle, and the blonde reminding her 292,000 followers that a Hollywood-approved body can come with more than is initially apparent.

All stripped down to a white bra and posing at home, Courtney flaunted her figure, but she got humble in the caption.

See The Photo Below!

Courtney Stodden in yellow top

Telling fans that plastic surgery is an individual decision, one she's developed a "relationship" with over the years, Stodden wrote: "The past few years I began to feel terribly insecure about my ass. Every where i would look, big butts were taking over and my bottom would rarely get the attention that my breasts would get."

Courtey, getting vulnerable, added that she'd wear breast or hip pads to "resemble a Kardashian body, a Kylie or iggy physique," here referring to 30-year-old rapper Iggy Azalea.

Spreading Positivity

Courtney Stodden in bra and shorts

Admitting she was getting desperate, Courtney continued: "I went so far as to book back to back consultations with plastic surgeons who promised to give me the best and biggest implant of the decade," adding:

"Then one night I found myself hearing a little voice inside of me (for the very first time) whisper: “you are perfect the way you are." This marked the moment Stodden drew a line in the sand, although she did admit to having had her boobs done.

Admitting Breast Procedure

Courtney Stodden bikini selfie

With a confident and upbeat finish seeing Courtney write that her own butt is the "best butt," the caption closed with an honest admission, alongside another confidence boost for anyone struggling.

"I’m not posting this to put down anyone with implants, I have breast implants. I’m posting this for the girls and boys out there who feel a pressure to be better or “perfect” by society standards..."

The budding beauty entrepreneur added a #selflove and #bosypositivity as fans sent her a big thumbs-up. Scroll for Courtney cupping her Kamalas in her Biden bikini.

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