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Eddie Huang on red carpet

Eddie Huang Delivers Passionate Message After 6 Asian Women Are Murdered in Atlanta

By Gary Trock

Author, chef and restaurateur, Eddie Huang, is speaking out about the ongoing wave of hate and violence against Asians in America following the deadly shooting of 8 people in Atlanta, with 6 of the victims being Asian women.

Huang, whose life served as the inspiration for the ABC sitcom, "Fresh Off the Boat," took to Instagram on Tuesday evening, as the tragic news was reported, with a unifying message for people to recognize what is going on and step up to help stop the senseless violence against the Asian community.

'Enough Is Enough'

Eddie Huang taking a selfie in a white shirt
Eddie Huang / Instagram

Eddie Huang, who most recently wrote and directed the film, "Boogie," is making a plea for the backlash against the Asian American community to be put to an end.

"Enough is enough... We have been speaking out for an entire year about the hate towards Asian Americans ever since Trump started calling it the 'China Virus' and the 'Kung Flu," Huang wrote alongside a screenshot of an article discussing the Atlanta shooting.

He continued, "I dont care if you were one of the idiots in my comments defending Trump, denying his part in this, denying the 3800 attacks on Asian Americans the last year, or a self-hating Asian calling me 'soy' for speaking out, you cannot deny it any longer."

'Stand With Us'

Photo of downtown Atlanta

Eddie Huang stated that the Atlanta shooting, carried out by a white male, was a "coordinated attack on multiple Asian businesses with 6 Asian victims."

There were 8 victims total, with 6 of them being Asian women at licensed massage parlors.

Huang is pleading, "Stand with us, speak up with us, and if there is any humanity in you, recognize that our pain is yours as well. No one should be targeted and murdered because you don’t like the color of their skin, PERIOD."

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