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Draya Michele in bunny ears lingerie

Draya Michele All Stringy Showing 'Chubby' Gains

By Rebecca Cukier

Draya Michele is all untied in strings to reveal feeling "chubby" and having gained weight. The 36-year-old reality star and swimwear designer, who made 2020 headlines for revealing her weight to be 128 pounds, is now admitting she's piled on ten pounds, with an Instagram post yesterday seeing the former "Basketball Wives LA" star get candid. Draya, who stuffed her face with McDonald's Holiday Apple Pies over the holidays, is largely super-healthy, but here, the star was admitting defeat. Check it out below.

Gaining 10 Pounds

Draya Michele indoors in jeans

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Draya, who has made headlines for her not so healthy buttery salmon, continues to post her lean eats. Fans this week saw chicken, vegetables, and rice, with Draya's story on Monday seeming to suggest she might have over-eaten despite plates that would likely get the nutritionist thumbs-up.

Shot indoors, home, and seated on a couch, the Mint Swim founder posed in lavender and cozy co-ords with loose string ties, also wearing ribbed white socks.

See Her Stringy Look Below!

Draya Michele in pool bikini

Holding a copy of "Rich WOMAN" and showing off long nails and a home face mask, the mom of two, who was showing off a slim waistline, took to her caption, writing: "I felt chubby in these pics and I wasn't tripping, cuz I gained 10lbs outta nowhere."

The curves are something Draya has addressed before, with 2019 seeing her slam plastic surgery allegations and tweeting: "For the record. I’ve never had lipo suction, s curve, fat transfer, and Brazilian butt lift.... for any confusion out there."

Scroll For Her Vodka Bikini Shot!

Draya Michele indoors in sweats with a book

Draya added: "There isn’t a doctor out there that can take credit for anything on me except these boobs and that’s dr david Kim BEVERLY HILLS plastic surgery."

Weight gain or no weight gain, Draya and her jaw-dropping body are doing very nicely as photos of the star continue to promote her 2011-founded Mint Swim brand, a label adored by the likes of Kim Kardashian and little sister Kylie Jenner. There's also docu-series "Doses of Draya" in the works. See the bikini below!

Promoting Vodka In Bikini

Draya Michele sunbathes poolside

Draya, who seemingly lost her Savage X Fenty ambassador gig last year after joking about "WAP" rapper Megan Thee Stallion's shooting, is still popular with other brands. Fashion Nova has not dropped Draya, with 2020 also seeing the star launch her Oh Polly and 8 Other Reasons collabs. Draya has also fronted Ciroc vodka, a brand whose marketing is run by mogul Diddy.

Draya is also super-pally with singer Christina Milian and has been spotted at the pregnant star's donut trucks. Possibly a cause for the weight gain. Scroll for Draya shirtless at the donut truck.

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