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Adam Levine & Wife Behati Prinsloo Moments Away From Divorce!?

Instagram @Behati Prinsloo
By Jacob Highley

Adam Levine is best known today as the lead singer in the massively popular band “Maroon 5”. The 41-year-old vocalist, songwriter and performer has established himself among the world’s foremost pop-rock artists. Few music-lovers today haven’t heard at least one of the band’s songs, and even fewer could ever claim to have never heard of them; the band’s reputation proceeds them.

This wasn’t always the case, however, as Adam’s first band was actually called “Kara’s Flowers”, which saw a commercial failure with its first album release in 1997.

Multi-Platinum Music!

Adam and Behati kissing
Instagram @Behati Prinsloo

Four years after Kara’s Flowers disbanded, the group reformed in 2001 to create Maroon 5. Having finished several years focusing on college, the group secured a deal with Octone Records (related to J Records) and the rest is history.

For those who may not know, Maroon 5’s first album “Songs About Jane” releasing with such popularity was not only their breakthrough career moment but the album has since gone multi-Platinum!

There are also some misconceptions about the band and Adam’s personal life that are currently creating a buzz on social media!

Kara's Flowers Blossomed!

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Instagram @Behati Prinsloo

Despite the assumption that the band originally or currently consists of 5 members (in conjunction with the band’s name) the band has never actually ever consisted of 5 people, and today they still feature a lineup of 6 band members. (Also, Kara’s Flowers featured only 4 band members)

The origin of the band’s name has become a mysterious phenomenon that no one has ever been able to uncover. In fact, the only person (besides the band members) to ever find out the real backstory behind the band’s name was Billy Joel.

On The Verge Of Divorce?

Behati and Adam Levin kissing on red carpet
Instagram @Behati Prinsloo

Adam has been ridiculed and falsely reported about for years, though some of the latest headlines have really taken this a step beyond insulting. 

It is one thing for an outlet to make fun of his personal appearance or demeanor (like when “Jezebel’s” own reporter Rebecca Ross called Adam, “the human version of a soiled bathing suit”) but rumors have been circulating that he is on the verge of divorcing his wife Behati Prinsloo (married since 2014) with whom he has two daughters.

Fake Claims About A Total Boss

Adam Levine with daughter
Instagram @Behati Prinsloo

An insider told In Touch that Adam was on the verge of divorce for a number of reasons, naming his career and the time away he spends from family to perform as a few of the reasons:

“You could tell by how [Levine] acted during the concert in Chile that he’s at the breaking point.” The source revealed. “Those close to Adam say it’s only a matter of time before divorce papers are filed.”

A year has passed since these revelations were posted by the outlet and it has been confirmed by Levine’s representative that they were 100% false. Adam and his wife are very happy even after 6 years of marriage!

(And on a side note, it was estimated that Adam made 35 Million dollars in 2013, and he received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2017. Take that haters!)

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