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Did Taylor Swift Really Secretly Marry Joe Alwyn Months Ago?

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By Jacob Highley

Taylor Swift is probably the most iconic pop artists to reach fame over that last decade and a half. Her career officially started gaining traction in 2006 when her first self-named country album released with Scott Borchetta, who formed the independent record label “Big Machine Records”, but it was her second studio album “Fearless” that propelled her music into the stratosphere.

Since then, Taylor has released 7 more official studio albums for a total of 9 in her career so far. In 2020 Swift managed to release two surprise albums marking the first time she had ever created more than one album in a given year.

Unofficially Dating

Taylor Swift on piano
Instagram @ Taylor Swift

Taylor is synonymous with the definition of success and fame. She has been awarded 11 Grammy Awards (so far) and has over 200 million records sold world wide. She is massively popular across all mediums in the media and music industry, with her romantic life recently becoming a point of heightened interest this year.

For those who don’t know, Taylor has unofficially been dating English actor Joe Alwyn for about 4 years at this point. (Unofficially because Wikipedia and chronological history sources about her personal life are seemingly unavailable in many cases, including details about her relationship with Joe)

Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift wearing red outfit
Instagram @ Taylor Swift

Alwyn, who is probably best known for his starring roles in "The Favourite "(2018), and "Harriet" (2019). Although not nearly as famous as the “Blank Space” singer, Swift actually just gave a shout out to her long-time boyfriend in this year’s Grammy performance, expressing how dear he is to her. 

Joe is just a year younger than Taylor at 30 years of age, but they originally met when he was 26 and she 27. 

Their semi-mysterious history with each other has sparked quite a bit of speculation about their future relationship plans, while some reporting outlets have made outrageous claims about the pair. 

Real Scoop?

Taylor Swift wearing bear outfit
Instagram @ Taylor Swift

To be more specific, the often inaccurate reporting outlet National Enquirer made bold claims several months ago about how Taylor and Joe had actually married in secret last year in the fall!

Yet months later it appears the report was nothing but a bloated piece of fluff. Furthermore, neither the pop-star or her romantic partner have shared any updates regarding an engagement or elopement. 

The aforementioned outlet cited claims from a supposed inside source who had the following to say:

“Taylor said no other man she’s ever dated comes close to Joe and doesn’t want to lose him.” The source revealed. “They know if they did a traditional wedding they’d have to wait several more months.”


Taylor Swift black and white photo
Instagram @ Taylor Swift

Prominent news outlets have already debunked the claims of their wedlock, pointing out how it has now more likely that Taylor or Joe might make a move in the direction of engagement (considering Taylor’s Grammy message about Joe) but a wedding is still considered a remote conception at this point. 

Along with points made about how the couple haven’t even gotten engaged yet, some have speculated it could very well have been because of Covid-19 and the international lock-downs that ensued in 2020. Even couples like Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez, or Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani all shared their frustrations with trying to book specific wedding venues. 

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