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Jeannie Mai seated indoors

Jeannie Mai All Balls With Yoga Pants Flexibility

By Rebecca Cukier

Jeannie Mai is yanking her backside up with both legs straight while maneuvering a massive medicine ball and in mint-green spandex. The 42-year-old TV host and "Dancing With The Stars" face turned heads on her Instagram ahead of the weekend, posting a jaw-dropping workout and one that wasn't lounging around on the mat just for the cute fit. Jeannie, who has been working hard to regain the 15 pounds of muscle she lost after emergency epiglottis surgery in November 2020, was showing she's fighting fit. Check it out below.

Basically Living In The Gym


Scroll for the video. Jeannie, who made major headlines last fall for being forced to exit Season 29 of "DWTS," is managing to stay in the news for the way she's recovering. The "How Do I Look?" star's video, posted for her 2.4 million followers, showed her using her arms to support her upper body while the legs moved back and forward over a rolling medicine ball.

Jeannie, who kept steady throughout in her pale green leggings, sports bra, and sneakers, then took it to reps.

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

Jeannie Mai in swimsuit and shirt

Turning to ab work as she used the medicine ball for resistance, Jeannie kept both feet off the floor for maximum exertion, with the reps also bringing out the California native's smile. A caption, meanwhile, pointed towards Mai's massive endorsement potential, with a mention made of the Fabletics sportswear brand she fronts.

"#FableticsAmbassador Everyday acts of bravery:

  1. Being a woman
  2. Giving a damn. Happy #InternationalWomensDay 💪👊," Mai wrote.

"The way you kicking your legs, is the same way I try to get up every morning 😂😂," one fan replied.

See The Ballsy Video Below!


The video, now approaching a quarter of a million views, seems to have brought in a little fitspo as a result. One fan told Jeannie: "Ok I need a break down of all your workouts - I need to get my post pregnancy snap back on🙌🏽."

The video was followed by another wellness one, but a little more on the mental health side as Jeannie reposted from her popular "Hello Hunnay Show" where she discussed family and brought in her mom. See her jaw-dropping bikini body after the video.

Not Just A Pretty Face

Jeannie Mai in bikini

Jeannie is now working through issues in therapy, ones bringing in her family. The star told fans: "I never realized the way my mom and I communicate can be toxic and unhealthy. “It’s just how our family is.” We’ve “always been like this”. But it’s also exhausting, and so very painful."

Jeannie and mom Olivia TuTram Mai both feature on Mai's "Listen Hunnay" podcast. If you watched Jeannie on "DWTS" last year and missed the pre-show spandex "WAP" requests, just scroll.

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