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Sommer Ray close up

Sommer Ray Flaunts Massive Globes For Weekend Grocery Gains

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray lucked out this weekend with globes so huge, they're out of this world. The 24-year-old fitness model and social media sensation, making 2020 headlines for ordering everything off the menu at Chick-Fil-A, is making 2021 clean eating all the way, with today seeing the blonde hitting up her local produce aisle. Sommer, taking her 25.8 million Instagram followers along for her Saturday grocery run, couldn't resist a photo of what she was most excited about. Check it out below.

Appetite Of A Champion

Sommer Ray in a bralette with a pizza

Scroll for the photo. It comes following a string of food-related headlines Ray has made – none particularly healthy. After shoveling down both In-N-Out and Chick-Fil-A in one day last year, the model wolfed down a huge ice-cream sundae for her 24th birthday, one that was celebrated at calorie-laden The Sugar Factory.

Switching out of junk mode, Sommer opted for artichoke today. The Colorado native shared a quick grocery store shot, one showing massive globes of the vegetable all piled up.

See The Globes Below!


With hints of her red wire cart visible and the artichokes at under $2 a pound, Sommer added: "WOW," seemingly mighty pleased with her weekend find. Proving the weekend was health-central, Sommer then updated her Instagram in beast mode from a gym, doing cardio reps and deep squats with resistance bands from her Sommer Ray's Shop – and she was in her checkered sports undies. Keep scrolling for the video, one that saw the model busting out her workout to Lil Uzi Vert.

Scroll For The Workout!

Artichokes in a store

Showing off her insane stamina and jaw-dropping muscles, Sommer also took the opportunity to shout out her popular clothing and swim line, writing:

"Lil cardiooo + a lil booty band wurk 😛 best bandz in the uniiiiiiverse, trust me, you need these in your life/workouts 💪🏼✨💛 shop em & this fiiiit i’m wearing 😬 link in b!ooo @shopsommerray."

Shopping of those "fits" is working out pretty nicely for Ray, who just showed off her swish new Mercedes-Benz wheels, saying she was "obsessed." See the car after the video.

Career Working Out

Sommer Ray in spandex by her new car

Sommer's career is working out, quite literally. The gym junkie who started competing in bodybuilding competitions aged just 16 recently hit 10 million followers on TikTok, although the OG vibe on Instagram prevails as the star approaches 26 million followers. 2020 also saw Ray linked to rapper Machine Gun Kelly as the two briefly dated. Sommer dumped the "RAP DEVIL" star on his 30th birthday, leading to grumpy social media messages from MGK.

If you missed Sommer celebrating her bigger chest size during that "time of the month," just scroll.

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