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Jennifer Lopez And A-Rod: Just Kidding, We Staying Together!

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By Mike Walters

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have decided to stay together...wait WHAT?!

According to multiple reports, the power couple says the media stories about their demise have been greatly exaggerated -- and in fact, they are still fighting to save their relationship!

The crazy part, almost every news outlet reported JRod had broken up after someone close to the couple confirmed the breakup -- and even gave reporters details of what the issues were in the relationship. So, what gives?!

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They Are Still Together?!

The couple issues a statement, saying, "All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things."

As we reported, the alleged breakup came on the heels of an incident where Arod was accused of having some sort of relationship with 'Southern Charm' star Madison LeCroy. But, now it is being reported, the couple's issues nothing to do with a third party!

So how did this happen? Well, apparently the 'sources' close to the couple who was leaking the information to the media -- claim that it was "really bad" on Friday and they believed the couple had split.

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How Could Everyone Get It Wrong?

Interestingly, Jennifer is still in the Dominican Republic shooting a movie, and Arod is back in Miami. It's unclear if he is heading there to work things out or not.

Shockingly, after the news broke, several stories popped up from reputable news agencies claiming the power couple's demise was "a long time coming." The reason we point this out is that it appears the same information was coming from someone inside their camp -- who the media obviously trusts to have the accurate information.

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So...This Is GREAT News...Right?!

"They are tied in their business worlds so it's not a cut and dry breakup. It's taken a while for them to even think about untangling it all," People said.

Plus, several outlets reported Arod hinted at the split after posting a shot of himself alone on a yacht in Miami on Instagram, making a face, and staring at his cellphone.

“Don’t mind me, just taking a sail-fie… What are your plans for the weekend?” he captioned the picture.

Considering everyone was crushed to hear the news these two were finished...we guess this is GOOD news...right?!

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