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Daisy Ridley smiles into the camera in front of a green background with shoulder-length green hair.

Daisy Ridley Shocks Fans With Her Crappy Culinary Creation

Instagram | daisyridley
By Kristin Myers

Most people say that "The Last Jedi" is full of s--t, and the last Jedi herself, Daisy Ridley, might agree. 

In a recent celebrity episode of “The Great British Bake Off,” also titled, “The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer,” the former Skywalker prodigy traded in her lightsaber for a spatula as she competed against three other British celebrities to raise funds for a good cause.

Although most of the bakers tried to make the best cake they could make, Ridley, 28, seemed to flush her chances of winning down the toilet. Literally. 

The Competition 

Judge Paul Hollywood shares a photo of the cast raising funds for Stand Up To Cancer.
Instagram | paul.hollywood

The "Chaos Walking" actress found herself in the iconic tent competing against "Celebs Go Dancing" narrator Rob Beckett, "Strictly Come Dancing" star Alexandra Burke, and "The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice" host Tom Allen

Their task was to recreate their biggest "bugbear," also known as "pet peeve" across the pond, and contestants quickly set to work creating a road sign, a car, and a bed.

Ridley, however, decided to make a cake immortalizing one of her great pet peeves: someone leaving the toilet seat up in the bathroom. 

Final Product 

Daisy Ridley rests her hand on her chin as she sits behind her toilet bowl cake.
Instagram | britishbakeoff

Although we got to see Rey Skywalker making bread rise from meager ingredients on Jakku, Ridley doesn't seem to have acquired her character's culinary talents. 

For starters, her edible toilet cake could have used some refinement in texture. Celebrity judge Paul Hollywood was a bit put off by the chunks in her toilet, but compared to the chunks one usually finds in a toilet, these were fortunately made from underbaked flour.

When asked how she went about creating the sponge, Ridley explained to the experienced chef, “I put it in a bowl and I whisked it.” When asked for how long, a hesitant Ridley replied, “Some…few…moments…”

Final Winner

Alexandre Burke smiles as she shows off her winning cake of a dog sneaking into her bed.
Instagram | britishbakeoff

You'd think that taking a tasty dump on the kitchen counter would be enough to take home the cake, but alas, Ridley's Force powers weren't enough to mind trick the judges into victory. 

Instead, the win went to singer Alexandre Burke, for her cake, which assumably tasted better than toilet water. 

Still, even cake sketch artist Tom Hovey was able to call in a personal victory, tweeting, “If you told 10 year old me, ‘In the future you will draw a Jedi’s toilet as a cake and it will be shown on primetime TV’… well I might not have believed you.”

Fan Reactions

Daisy Ridley looks up and to the side while wearing a white sweater.
Instagram | daisyridley

Although she may not have won the competition, Ridley certainly won fans over with her quirky sense of humor. 

“Honestly loving the laidback chaotic energy Daisy Ridley is bringing to bake off,” one fan tweeted. “I want to live my life with her attitude from now on.”

“I’d eat the crap out of Daisy Ridley’s toilet cake,” another added, before apologizing for their bad pun.

In a post-baking interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Ridley seemed to make the best of a stinky situation, saying, “I know that they’re bakers and chefs for a living, but I was like, ‘Maybe I’m somewhere else, maybe I’m on another planet with my baking.'”

Who knows? Even though Ridley may not have any baking skills in this world, perhaps she can still achieve her dream of becoming a stellar pastry a galaxy far, far away. 

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