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Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella Shows Off Post-Baby Body, 'Mama Is Almost Back'

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By Jeff Mazzeo

Nikki Bella has got that Bella body back!

The "Total Bellas" star took to social media on Thursday, March 11, to show off her fantastic abs less than eight months after giving birth to little Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev. Nikki, who was very open about her body changes while pregnant, smiled as she posed in a sports bra and sweats. Her iconic midsection looked chiseled, but the WWE star said that her work is not done yet. Scroll down to see her amazing pic!

Hey There, Abs!

Nikki Bella's toned midsection.

Nikki revealed her secrets in the caption of her post... it was also an ad but we don't mind when she hits us with some interesting facts about her life. Make that influencer money, momma! "With healthy eating, increase of workout activity and Emsculpt Neo this Mama is almost back to her pre baby body! 💪🏼👏🏼" she wrote alongside her mommy thirst trap.

Her millions of fans were pleasantly surprised when they saw Nikki's six-pack poking out. "YES NICOLE! GETTING THAT BELLA BODY BACK! ❤️🤩" an enthusiastic fan wrote. Her twin sister, Brie sent love in the form of praise hands 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 emojis.

Weeks After Giving Birth


As we previously mentioned, Nikki has been extremely open and honest about her physical journey since giving birth. So much so that she shared a video of the "scariest turn of my life." Bella revealed that she had 18 pounds to lose just weeks after giving birth on July 31. "I felt like it was the right thing to do [showing her fans her true self] because I feel like sometimes on social media and people in the spotlight truly don't showcase how hard postpartum can be," she said at the time. "Here I am!" she continued. "I am 18 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight."

Baby Number 2?

Nikki Bella and her son, Matteo.

The loving mother just revealed that she is emotionally torn when it comes to trying for baby number two. She opened up on the March 10 episode of "The Bellas Podcast" and discussed all the thoughts rattling around in her brain. "I've been having some conflict in my head lately. And I know I talk to you about this a lot, I go back and forth, but baby No. 2," Nikki said. "So I thought I was one and done and then Matteo makes me want to give him a sibling and Artem makes me want to give him a baby girl, not that I have any control over that. Then I'm like, 'Closer in age is good,' but then I'm like, 'I really want to do a WWE return with you Brie. I really want to go after the tag title.' That's one thing I really want to do before I hang up the Nikes for good."

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